Who's Your Favourite Video Game Dragon?

Who's Your Favourite Video Game Dragon?

According to the official calendar of shady holidays, today is Appreciate a Dragon Day, the one day a year when we can all stop, picture a dragon in our heads and nod appreciatively. Which video game dragon do you appreciate the most?

I'll never forget my first video game dragon. Sure, he looked a bit like a duck, but I looked like a block with an arrow over it, so I wasn't about to judge.

Who's Your Favourite Video Game Dragon?

Still can't figure out if I ever beat Adventure.

My second most appreciated dragon is also kind of retro, but in the geekiest way possible.

Who's Your Favourite Video Game Dragon?

I am convinced that Legend of the Red Dragon is the only reason anyone logged in to the BBSes I ran in the early '90s. They'd endlessly redial for hours, desperately trying to handshake with my PC, never knowing I was probably had the system down so I could download the slowest porn ever.

I appreciate these dragons all of the time but today, this magical made-up holiday, I appreciate them just a tiny bit more.

How about you folks? Who's your dragon?


    Gamewise - The last Guardian.

    Otherwise, Falcor.


    Peasant Quest totally counts.

    Wow, L.O.R.D got a mention. When I was in Uni, someone set up a BBS running L.O.R.D on the college intranet and good times were had by all.

    My favourite dragon would have to either be Breath of Fire III's Ryu or Mikhail from Drakengard 3.

    Kushala Daora from the Monster Hunter series. A steel plated Elder Dragon with that irritating wind barrier.

    The ruby dragons and bahamut from FF VIII were always pretty iconic to me.

    Alduin, bane of kings, ancient shadow unbound with a hunger to swallow the world!

    Does double dragon count? My brother and i played hours of that on PC.

    Frikraag, Baldurs Gate 2, followed closely by Bahamut (Final Fantasy series)

    Grigori, from Dragons Dogma.

    Or Flygon.

    Dragon from Reign of Fire (don't know if he had a name.



      Was going to say Nowi as well.
      As much as I dislike her design her attitude is great in the game and she decimates every enemy she comes across whilst barely ever taking any damage.
      Paired her with Kellam and now I have an even more overpowered Manakete in Nah. :)

        I think I paired her with Donnel (who is also OP). Nah was right up there with my avatar as being almost untouchable and wrecking stuff easily.

        Nowi just has that charming naivete and bubbly nature (but I just had to pair my avatar with Tharja).

    "The rantings of an upjumped zealot make for tedious listening."

    And that was when Grigori won my heart for best dragon.

    First one that's memorable to me was Kaiser from Breath of Fire 4. Otherwise, Charizard.

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