Doom Will Finally Be Out This May

Video: After years of development hell, the fourth Doom — simply called Doom — will be out on May 13, Bethesda announced today. New trailer above. Shotguns and demons oh my.


    Nice, Although i am just waiting for it to be banned here for being to "violent".

      You know it won't be right? R rating and all that?

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        Since when had the R rating stopped games being refused classification?

          The R Rating allows a larger degree of violence in games now. Your comment doesn't take into account that games can now contain high impact violence but cannot contain sexualised violence. For instance, MKX was allowed whereas previously it would have been outright banned as MK9 was.


          ""Realistic and explicit" depictions of violence is permitted, though violence that is "frequently gratuitous, cruel, exploitative and offensive to a reasonable adult" will not be permitted.

          Doom doesn't contravene that thankfully, as it's unrealistic considering it's depicted against demons and denizens of hell. :) However if we had a game say, where we tortured children, INSTANT BAN.

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            That is true but you seem to think that games can't be refused classification anymore. Fact is, they can and they have.

            It's unlikely this will be and SHOULD fall into the R category, but you never know.

              I never said that, you're just assuming that. Don't go putting words into my mouth.

                I never put words into your mouth, I said "you seem to think". I didn't say "You said this". Chill out.

                  WhitePointer is correct.

                  ObiWereKenobi - take it out of your mouth then.

              That is true but you seem to think that games can't be refused classification anymore. Fact is, they can and they have.
              What you seem to be ignoring is those games weren't refused for extreme violence, they were refused for sexual violence or drug usage... 2 things that weren't covered under the new R rating.

              Agree, GTAV got in with interactive torture, Outlast got in with genital mutilation, SRIV got kicked for using fictional alien drugs in the matrix. Inconsistency is consistent within the classification board.

          For extreme violence, never. The R rating didn't change any of the regulations for drug use or sexual content. Those are what get games banned still with the R rating. It's just unfortunately too many people saw we finally received an 18+ classification and didn't stop to actually read what was included.

            Edited: I completely misread what you wrote, I'm sorry, my bad :) @kermitron nailed it quite eloquently below

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          Since January 1st 2013 when the new rating system went live.

          There has been a total of 5 games refused classification in the last 3 years, all refused classification for either sexual violence or in-game benefits of narcotic use which were always going to be ruled out under the proposed R-rating. No games have been refused for violence alone despite games generally trending upwards in terms of being graphically violent (with higher graphical fidelity). Four of the five games were later rated R once a small amount of content was removed (for instance, the anal rape weapon in Saint's Row IV, the anal probe segments of South Park: Stick of Truth).

            The rape weapon was removed from all versions (added as a Season Pass bonus for non-Australian owners), its the jumping-over-building benefits of alien narcotics in the matrix that got SRIV banned, and its such a joke. No different to the invincibility benefits of med-x in Fallout.


      This was my exact reaction.

      ... And there I was thinking this project was doomed. #page6everywhere

    Im so hoping this is what Ive been wanting.
    Im sick of FPS game like, walk walk walk, pew pew, cut scene, walk walk, pew pew pew, walk walk walk...
    I want a game where I can come home from work, plug in and just fucking unleash carnage!

      I keep hearing from people who got to play the beta that it was a *lot* of fun. That there was zero regenerating health, that you had to pick up health packs (YES!!!!!! I HATE regenerating health). That it was super fast paced like old Doom and Quake)... I can't wait!

        There's been a beta? I was supposed to get access for owning Wolfenstein: The New Order but I didn't hear about it. :/

          Yeah apparently end of last year and my bad, it was an alpha not a beta! I was reading all these things on reddit about it. Some were less than stellar of course. Others were a little over the top, but if you picked out the balanced comments, overall it sounds like it'll be a lot of fun and at least more of a return to form than Doom 3 was.

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            I swear any god if someone makes a mod where I rip a zombies/demons arms off and then plays the "See you at the party Richter!" quote from Total Recall. I am going to lose my shit.

        If you hate regenerative health then you'd love my commentary videos on the switch to this mechanic in the Halo games.

          Got a link?

          I think it's the absolute bane of first person shooters and it rarely ever works well. I seem to remember Halo had a regenerative SHIELD alongside non regenerative Health at one stage, which I think was a great pairing and worked for that particular game. But too many games now took it to the level of "hey just have 100% regen health, hide behind a barrel AND YOURE GOD!"

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            I think I mention it in this part

            My main argument is that because there's no health you're less likely to take any risks and easily prefer to sit back taking pot shots with the BR. This also damages to use of duel wielding as that requires getting closer, but since you're more likely to die you would stay away from using it.

              LOL loved the intro, "Im just a mean green mother!" Great one!

              Edit 1: Editing this as I listen, but really enjoying it. Going to be subscribing :) lol'd a lot at "Interrupted his youtube channel" lol

              Edit 2: Wow, you're really nailing pretty much everything I hated about Halo 2...

              Edit 3: You're really ripping apart the plotholes lol

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                Yeah, I mention regenerative health at about 30 minutes in of the video.

                Halo 2 used to be my most hated Halo game. Then I played Halo 4 and replaying 2 was a breath of fresh air compared.

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                What's so bad about Halo 4? It is the reason why I even started my Halo commentary review series.

      The 2013 Rise of the Triad remake was meant to be like that - pretty silly, a bit buggy, but a crap-tonne of fun.

      I tried the alpha and it really reminded me of the old school doom, some good ol' fashion fast paced carnage :)

    Hoping this will be as good as the trailer suggests. Will wait for reviews and vids after release and decide.

    I am looking foward to mindlessly mowing my way through hoards of demons on Mars.

    I'm really not liking these new sequels coming out that take the name of the original game. Why just call it "Doom"? Call it what it is, Doom 4. That's what everyone's gonna be referring to it as anyway

      Because it's probably a pseudo-reboot of the franchise. They don't want it to feel like you have to have played Doom 3 to follow the narrative.

        Doom 3 itself was a reboot.

        Everyone's going to be calling it Doom 4 anyway, just call it Doom 4. Sequential numbers don't mean a continuing narrative necessarily anyway, especially in video games. Look at Final Fantasy and Grand Theft Auto.

          Exactly, it's not like Doom *really* had an intricate lore to follow anyhow. More of a loose story to string a bunch of cool levels together with.

            Did you piss on Dashals' mother or something? He's really not your fan!

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              No idea, kinda pathetic he's been doing it for years. It's actually a fake account of another user here who doesn't wanna own up to who they are as far as I can figure.

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    Looks like they've added more colour to the monsters since the E3 demo?
    I remember people complaining that the monsters in the E3 demo were all plain boring greys and browns.

      Yeah it really does hey, glad that was advice they took to heart. We really don't need a return to the mid 2000's "fifty shades of brown" days lol

        The Cacodemon is red and not the stupid poo brown colour like in the E3 demo! So happy.

    I'd love to know when we're going to get access to this supposed beta that was promised with Wolfenstein pre-orders. I know a limited amount of people got access to it for one weekend late last year but it'd be nice if opened it up a bit more given the final game is only a few months away.

      Well the alpha, was last month (or the month before) so I'd say the beta won't be far away :)

        Keep an eye on the official twitter they will announce it i assume, i forget about the wolfestein free beta but hell yeah cant wait.

          haha same, signed up so long ago that I keep forgetting about it! I was suprised to get in the alpha actually, was not expecting it at all

    Woot We can see our legs and lower body! definately looks more like the Originals than the 3rd one when it comes tyo design

      While that is sorely missing in games, the question is can we see it while looking down, or does it only show up in player executions?

        i believe it should especially if a game has melee animations otherwise its really jarring to have a body appear out of nowhere while you do a kill move only to go back to a floating weapon

          lack of bodies in FPS games irk me. they WERE in L4D1, and then they took it out of L4D2!
          And a side effect for not having a body is that if the game has proper lighting, you never cast a shadow! Killing Floor 2 does this, and it's weird when everyone else has a shadow but you're a vampire.

    Looking forward to it, had a blast playing the MP in the alpha, really put me in the mind of the old school doom's.

    "Thematically, Doom was viewed as 'Aliens' meets 'Evil Dead 2'." - JC

    Totally getting that vibe from this iteration.

    Looks good but super gory. I hope there's a way to tone it down like in Serious Sam

    "May contain content inappropriate for children".........MAY???? man now i feel old.

    I'm still not sold on executions. I know they're inspired by Brutal Doom, but I'll always prefer the originals. For me, executions slow up the fast paced run-and-gun Doom is supposed to be.

    I also don't like the idea of "standing still and being invincible" (that is, during executions) only slightly less than the idea of "standing still and not being invincible"

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      did you play serious sam 3, because they were in that and they were also 100% optional, and besides it was fun to rip out an eye and then throw it at another grunt which would stun it so you can then rip out its still beating heart

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