Doom Is Getting A Sequel, Doom Eternal

Doom Is Getting A Sequel, Doom Eternal

Players eager to rip and tear are in for a treat. Bethesda announced Doom Eternal during their E3 press conference tonight, showing off a trailer full of demons.

Bethesda rebooted Doom in 2016, offering a slightly different take on the classic first person shooter full of arena fights and melee executions. At the end of Doom, the Doom Slayer was stabbed in the chest by a huge-arse energy sword wielded by Samuel Hayden, a cyborg with a boring name. Doom Eternal presumably takes place following that betrayal.

The trailer showed off giant worm monsters and an Earth beset by devils, teasing at what’s to come. Bethesda will reveal more details at QuakeCon in August.


  • At the end of Doom, the Doom Slayer was stabbed in the chest by a huge-arse energy sword wielded by Samuel Hayden, a cyborg with a boring name. Oh, uhhh, yup. That seems like an unnecessary explanation for the existence of Doom: Eternal.

    In a way though, it’s entirely fitting, as Doom’s depiction of a Hell with near-unending waves of cookie-cut antagonists inhabiting the dust of civilisation is a great metaphor for both E3 and spoiler culture.

    • You know you got the ending wrong.
      he didn’t stab him, he just sent him back to hell and I haven’t heard of multiple endings for it.

        • So in the rest of your post , you did your own little write up on a game you have never played to validate your point?

          • No. I quite clearly took umbrage with the author utilising a spoiler for the ending of Doom 2016, a game I haven’t yet finished, to establish a proposed narrative setting for Doom Eternal.

            This report on Doom Eternal would read the same without the spoiler. It is an unnecessary addition with no benefit: folk who’ve finished the game know the ending, now too do folk who haven’t. Similarly, your desire to belittle someone is unnecessary, has no benefit, and you really ought to shelve that shit.

          • For what it’s worth, it’s not how I remember the game ending. I’m going to look it up for myself, but I don’t recall Doomslayer getting stabbed.

          • Yeah I just rewatched it.
            You get teleported from defeating the new Spider Mastermind back to the Mars base, but remain restrained in the teleport thing. Hayden steals the artifact, which he turns on to reveal as a sword hilt. Then he walks away, and you appear to start teleporting, but then the logo comes up. Roll credits.

  • If the Doom reboot was basically a retelling of the original Doom, then this possibly looks like a retelling of Doom II: Hell on Earth. I’m down for that.

      • Me 3.

        As long as it’s of equal (or greater) quality to the last one, I’m excited for it. If it hasn’t been mentioned explicitly already, then I assumed another Mick Gordon (hope I speeled that right) soundtrack is guaranteed – that’s a bit of hype in itself!

        • “As the DOOM Slayer, return to take your vengeance against the forces of Hell,” Bethesda add. “Set to an all-new pulse pounding soundtrack composed by Mick Gordon, fight across dimensions as you slay new and classic demons with powerful new weapons and abilities.”

          Fuck yeah!

  • “At the end of Doom, the Doom Slayer was stabbed in the chest by a huge-arse energy sword wielded by Samuel Hayden”
    So, did Heather not play the game or just not pay attention?

    • Also get hype: clearly visible in the teaser are Doom 2 demons that were conspicuously absent in Doom 4: The Pain Elemental, generator of Lost Souls; the fearsome Archvile, resurrector of demons and arsonist of Doomguy; the Arachnotron, the little Spider-Mastermind Junior; and on an interesting note, the an imp in the trailer is clearly inspired by the original Doom imp’s design (lots of spikes).

      Additional notes: the Cacodemon appears to have a pupil now. Not that we can see it, but Doomslayer’s armour (especially his helmet) looks a lot closer to his original Doom 1 appearance than it previously did.

      Colour me hyped!

      • Here’s hoping there’s a proper modkit this time, so that Doom Eternal can live as long as Doom 1/2 have (eternally).

  • So, biggest and most important question for the game:

    Do we know if Mick Gordon is doing the soundtrack again?

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