Doom Eternal Comes Out In November–Here’s A New Look

Doom Eternal Comes Out In November–Here’s A New Look

Bethesda revealed the sequel to the 2016 Doom at last year’s E3. Doom Eternal got more stage time this year, and a release date: November 22, 2019.

2016’s Doom was a revelation. It’s blunt humour, bombastic gunplay, ripping and tearing capture my attention for an entire summer. Doom Eternal, the sequel, takes place on a demon-infested Earth rather than a demon-infested Mars, and I’ve been looking forward to hell on Earth since it was announced.

What we all just learned today is that you’re not only fighting demons, but going to new locations, like motherfucking Heaven. Please, please let me punch god, Bethesda!


  • Yes please, I’ll have some Doom.

    Only problem is this is dangerously close to when my kid is due to be born, so I’m gonna have to play it quick!

    • Good luck with that, mate. You may learn, as I did recently, that caring for a third-trimester partner is almost as time/worry-consuming as you expect your newborn to be (and, if you are anything like me, your newborn will actually be several times more all-consuming than you imagined even at your most pessimistic :D).

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