DOOM Hates Hipsters

Doom Eternal‘s latest event is a cracker.

Doom Eternal‘s Coffee & Camo event is now available and as usual, the team behind the game are having a bit of fun.

The limited time event allows players to earn new skins, icons and nameplates by playing through campaign levels, Battle Mode and daily challenges — basically, all you need to do to earn new items is to play the game.

The event is free to play, and comes as part of a new timed event rollout that surpasses the need for a season pass.

One of the rewards for the Coffee & Camo event is the Hipster Archvile Master Collection, a skin which lets you dress the Archvile enemy up like a demonic hipster zombie. It’s sure to make them twice as fun to kill.

This skin includes a classic Doom t-shirt, suspenders, Corey Worthington-era sunnies, a tight combover and a beard that simply screams, “I grow my own crops.” He’s also toting a steaming coffee cup, if you couldn’t tell who this caricature was poking fun at.

You can see this fancy gentleman in action right here:

As you can see, he even has his own artisanal café known as ‘Hell’s Cup Coffee’, presumably where he brews his own organic blends.

The Hipster Archvile skin is one of several cosmetics that will be available as a prize during the event, alongside the Camo Slayer skin and Toad King Pain Elemental skin. There’s also a fancy rainbow-coloured gun that will be available as a prize.

Doom Eternal is no stranger to ridiculous skins — the game launched with the very excellent ‘Doot Revenant’ skin, which lampooned the classic ‘DOOT’ Doom meme. As the new season of content rolls out, we’re sure to see more classic skins like this one.

Doom Eternal‘s Coffee & Camo event runs from now until May 14. Get in quick if you want to grab this totally ridiculous, coffee-fuelled skin.

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