I Feel Bad For EA Sports UFC 2

I Feel Bad For EA Sports UFC 2

I feel bad for the developers working on EA Sports UFC 2, particularly when it comes to the single player component.

Because after Fight Night Champion, a regular ol’ single player campaign just isn’t going to cut it.

But considering the team working on EA Sports UFC created Fight Night Champion. They have no-one to blame but themselves.

I mean can you remember how awesome Fight Night Champion’s innovative single player mode was? A proper Rocky-style story, drama, villains, twists and turns. It was incredible. I remember thinking (hoping) that more sports games would head down a similar path. That we would see more story-led sports games. Sadly that didn’t really happen.

But it totally should, especially where UFC is concerned. The drama and inner workings of the UFC is nigh on WWE level, particularly with incredible characters like Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey dominating headlines. Could you imagine a UFC game that took full advantage of that drama and placed into a narrative? Basically do the Conor McGregor or Sage Northcutt story in video game form.

Damn, I would play that game in a heartbeat.

Anyway, that’s not happening. The video above is what’s happening. A few tweaks, a number of interesting additions, but no Fight Night Champion style story mode. I guess it makes sense of some levels. I don’t know if the UFC really wants their brand associated with that kind of video game, but I want to play that kind of video game.


  • Fight night was a fun series.

    Ufc’s story mode should include a segment where your character is playing video games on twitch.

    Also, NFL Street was great.

    I haven’t really cared about ea sports in a long time.

    • You might have to bite the bullet because it’s not likely to happen. I got a console for that exact same reason – I love sports games but they are dying out on PC, even those that make it are usually half-assed ports anyway, I saw the writing on the wall a few years ago with NBA 2K missing features that the consoles had.

      It probably explains why I was so shocked to see WWE pop up this week for pre-order on Steam. That’s totally going against the grain!

  • Couldn’t agree more Mark, the singple player could be so awesome, but just feels like the old fight nights, train train train, fight, rinse and repeat. I enjoyed UFC singple player, but it just got really tedious really quickly. Think I won the belt, and then didn’t really touch it afterwards, I only play it these days with my mates online

    Dam, I really miss fight night now that you mention it. Such a great game, as much as I love UFC, i suck on the ground, would much rather stand up and bang, so fight night suited that just right… although the knocks outs in UFC feel so much more satisfying lol

  • The really great thing about Fight Night Champion was that the story mode has some character to it. It didn’t feel like a football manager type experience. That was basically the career mode in the first UFC game and I get the feeling it’ll be the same thing here.

  • I don’t care for a story in sports games until they can make it open and not linear and scripted. The only aspect of a “story” I’d care about is simply answering questions in interviews and etc to mold your character’s personality maybe. But I could care less for a linear story, it seems like something mostly people that are casual sports players would be interested in though.

  • Can y’all stop it with y’all bull shit OK so fuckin what its not like fight night games and this EA ufc 2 look like its go be the shit so stop hatein on thim guys behind this game

  • I agree that it’d be awesome if we had a “story mode” like FNC, but think how many games EA made before FNC? 4! And now with UFC? 1! EA UFC 1 needed a lot of improvements and I think they made a good work. Of course that we’d like more, and we’ll have it one day.

  • So thanks everybody behind EA ufc 2 for bringing the ufc fight fans and game fans the greatest ufc game ever and I’m already lookin forward for EA UTC 3 keep up the good work guys

  • I think what they needed to do is recreate those amazing come back fight like GsP came back after his Acl injury and also or new comer Conor mcgregor who took a storm when he first came in and took that belt from Aldo, recreate those story into fights . That will make me pumped and wanting to play those modes.

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