In Far Cry Primal, Bears High Five To The Death

You know how sometimes you do a high five, but the high five is too powerful so your hand really, really hurts, but you pretend it didn't hurt because high fives are supposed to make you look cool. And you really want to look cool.

In Far Cry Primal bears don't care about that stuff. They just keep on high fiving until one of them is dead.

That's commitment.

I'm just really impressed with the overall quality of the high fives from these bears. They're consistent. They never miss. I've missed a lot of high fives in my life.

This is me high fiving:

Nailed It

Apparently the trick is to watch the elbows, not the hands.


    Kind of a high five with a kiss at the end....Sure it's not some kind of mating ritual?

    Last edited 26/02/16 9:26 am

    I expected bears to be harder to kill in this game

    They must be be trained in high fives from the 80's West Indian cricket team - they pulled off some sweet high five action in the day.

      One of them dies in the end though.

      They lack the experience required to do them properly, the high fives, if they are going to run around throwing them willy nilly, well accidents like this are bound to happen

    I can't watch, it's unbearable.

      Holy shit. You're hired.

        Lmfao, thank you.

        Obviously a joke, but I'll take that job if you've got it.

        Last edited 26/02/16 12:53 pm

    So this is a glitch right? This is not really how the animals are supposed to fight each other.. right?

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