Need For Speed On PC Supports Racing Wheels, 4K And Unlocked FPS

I would have thought more over the top, trashy cut-scenes would have been the thing the latest tonic for Need for Speed. They're genuinely awful, but in the best way possible. Really.

But for PC users, this might be even better news. The port of the Need for Speed reboot is getting some pretty handy features, features that some might even argue should be completely standard.

First of all, let's get to the biggest bugbear. Locked frame rates have been an immense frustration with the previous Need for Speed titles; you could unlock the game from the default 30fps by editing .ini files, but it had the bizarre effect of rapidly speeding up the game.

That appears to have been fixed, with the PC port shipping with a unlocked frame rate and native support for 4K resolutions. If you've got the internet for it, check out the 60fps footage below.

Having played the PS4 version and tolerating — barely — the 30fps limit there, the prospect of having a much smoother experience is very, very enticing.

Something that I've not quite seen as a necessity for the NFS series, but some will undoubtedly appreciate, is support for racing wheels. "With the release on PC we're also adding steering wheel support for a selection of wheels from Logitech, Thrustmaster and Fanatec," the announcement on the NFS page says. Manual transmission will also be supported, something that racing wheel owners would certainly want.

If you're looking forward to the NFS reboot on PC, you'll have to wait until March 17 (that's the Australian date, in case you're wondering). If you used a VPN to pay for Origin Access, you'll be able to play the game for a limited period from March 10. But from my experience, it's the sort of game you can binge through pretty easily — so you may as well just wait until the full release.


    "Manual transmission will also be supported". Is this to say that the console versions of the game forces the player to drive an automatic??? That's possibly even a bigger sin than not supporting racing wheels.
    Need for speed must have fallen far from its previous glory days.

    Last edited 13/02/16 10:30 am

      I hope like hell they mean a manual gear stick available for some steering wheels.

      The recent NFS games from Criterion and Ghost have been solidly in the arcade racer genre rather than simulation. I'm not sure manual transmission support would have really fit the style of game they were going for.

        I remember playing criterion's most wanted version... And being very unimpressed, particularly considering how good the previous one was.

          I really enjoyed Criterion's Most Wanted. It was about as close as they've come to making a sequel to Burnout Paradise, which I also enjoyed. All it was missing was a crash mode and split ramps.

          With that said, I've never really been a fan of racing games that skew more towards the simulation end of the spectrum. I can understand that someone looking for something like that might be disappointed in the more arcade oriented games.

          The original Most Wanted was an awesome game. Just wished theyd release an updated version of that game

      No they mention in the update post that consoles will receive manual transmissions too

    It's good that they're doing the proper work required, it's just a shame the game is bad.

    I wonder if this is due to the release of the fully open source EASTL? I'm sure someone would have probably done it even if they hadn't but nice to see EA doing something besides screwing customers out of money for shit, and screwing their employees.
    I'm sure the latter isn't going to go away in a hurry, but I might actually consider getting this NFS now. Optimized and 4k with unlocked FPS! hellz yeah!

    Unlocked FPS is a feature now!?

    NFS might get 10 - 15 minutes more play to see if manual transmission increases enjoyment. i really really really wanted to like this, and it really really really disappointed me, i wish it was even a quarter of the games underground and carbon were.

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