Weird-Arse Horror/Dating Puzzle Game Catherine Is Now Available On PC For $29.99

Weird-Arse Horror/Dating Puzzle Game Catherine Is Now Available On PC For $29.99

Romantic thriller and psychological horror puzzle game Catherine is now available on PC for $29.99. If you played the Xbox 360 original there’s some new features worth checking out.

Here’s the synposis for those who missed it first time around:

Catherine: a tale of love, betrayal, and the terror of commitment. Experience the mature action-adventure-puzzle game unlike any other from the makers of the Persona series, now enhanced for PC in all its Classic glory. Is love over? Climb to the top or die trying.

This version of the game has options for higher resolution, customisable controls and an unlocked frame rate. Unfortunately though here’s still no online multiplayer. Meanwhile, Catherine: Full Body, the remake, comes to PS4 later this year.

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  • Wait… hold on… Its not the remaster? Its just the original? With no new content from Full Body? Like, what?

    • Seems like the strangest decision, what with Full Body just around the corner? The cynic in me says Full Body Edition DLC…

      • I hope so or a decent discount on the remaster but there have been unsubstantiated rumours that Full body will be a Sony exclusive(and these ppl can’t agree on if it was an Atlus decision or a paid Sony deal), which has thrown the steam page spiraling into its own madness on the topic.

        Still if you haven’t already got the PS3 or xbox360 version, definitely the PC edition is the copy to buy if you want to experience its glorious madness before Full Body.

  • Played it on PS3 back in the day. The puzzle sections got hard as nails. I never got more than half way through and that was on easy! So hopefully they have a skip puzzle option with the new one on PS4. Otherwise I’ll be passing.

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