Old Australians Still Really Love Wii Sports. Apparently.

Market Research company Roy Morgan recently released some video game related statistics.

Here are some massive generalisations that confirm all your worst biases: old people don’t play video games that much, middle-aged people love Wii Sports and young people like Call of Duty.

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), October 2014 – September 2015 (n=3,325). Base: Australians 14+ who own at least one console game

This is kind of a weird one. As you’re probably well aware, Wii Sports was a pack-in with the Wii and, obviously, the original Wii was a dramatic success with older people. It was a dramatic success in general, which sort of makes this data a little… skewed.

Also the list refers to specific franchises as opposed to single games, which makes things ever stranger.

Apparently Mario is one of the most popular video games owned by Generation Y. Which Mario? All of the Marios? It all seems a bit strange and doesn’t really paint an accurate picture of what games people are buying and consuming.

There are a couple of other interesting statistics however, mostly around age and console game ownership.

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Aust), October 2014–September 2015 (n=15,668). Base: Australians 14+

On a surface level these are interesting statistics, albeit statistics that might play into our existing ideas of who is playing games.

A number of broader surveys have shown that older people are playing video games, but given the fact this data is focused on console games, it ignores all the mobile games that older people tend to engage with. It is what it is — the survey clearly has different goals in mind.

This was also interesting, from Michele Levine, CEO of Roy Morgan Research:

While our data shows that certain games hold more appeal to Generation X than to Gens Y and Z, this generation tends to play much less frequently than its younger counterparts. It is likely that some feel they own the games (having purchased them) but their kids actually play them; while others may be too occupied with full-time jobs and family responsibilities to indulge very often. Their high ownership of Wii Sports also begs the question: does this time-pressed generation use it as a convenient alternative to ‘real-life’ exercise?

Or are they gathering dust in cupboards.

Far more likely.

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