Rocket League Has Been Remade In Halo 5

Rocket League Has Been Remade In Halo 5

Yeah, Rocket League is out on Xbox One next week, but if you absolutely must play it on Microsoft's console today, a pretty decent version of it has been made using Halo 5's editing tools. It's far from perfect — the pitch has spots where the ball can get stuck, and the physics gets weird sometimes — but then, this is an editor designed for first-person combat, not car football.

On the plus side, it allows for up to 16 players, and those 16 players can get out of their vehicles and shoot things, so it's got that going for it.

There's more info on the map here.


    You know, Bungie managed to program for the score ticket to go up when the soccer ball enters a specific area in Reach.

    Fairly sure this was being done way back in Halo 3, when Forge was first introduced.

    I remember at the very least playing a soccer game using Mongoose's' and Ghost's back then. Haven't played Rocket League yet but I'm under the impression it's essentially the same idea.

      Yeah, I remember playing stuff like this back in 3 and Reach and it was a lot of fun, though, the maps with Ghosts were a bit brutal because everyone could still shoot.

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