No-one managed to guess Friday's ScribbleTaku. Probably because it's one of the most vague drawings I've ever done; to the point where I'm just gonna tell you all what it is so everyone can move on with their lives.

It was ESWAT.

Let's move on! We have a new one today!

It's by regular Dong Tri Phan. Good luck everyone!


    Elmo's musical Monsterpiece

    Majora's Mask?

      I was thinking that as well, but thought he would have drawn in the eyes at least

      Hummed the tune, immediately realised what it was :P

      Well done!

    Majora's Mask. New Wave Bossa Nova.

      Damn, I was trying to figure out what the tune was but the stave lines threw me. Didn't sound like anything familiar.


    Definitely Majora's Mask, but i think it's Elegy of emptiness

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