Well well well, what do we have here. No-one managed to guess yesterday's ScribbleTaku. I'm guessing because my drawing skills are... functional at best.

Never fear! I have a second scribble coming right up!

And for reference — here's yesterday's drawing:

Good luck everyone!


    Gotta be a beat-em up. Streets of Rage? Final Fight?

    streets of rage

      I suppose technically @batguy beat me by one minute but the vague doubleguess I'm claiming the moral victory

        I'm refuting your claim. First answers accepted only! If it had been Final Fight, though...

          refuting my claim that you technically beat me? awesome! performs dance of victory

            I... uh... dammit! That's what I get for typing when I'm meant to be doing work! I'm refuting your updated claim. I need this victory! It has been too long!

            Last edited 23/02/16 12:30 pm

              It's all yours, my initial thought was simpsons arcade game so I spent 2 minutes looking for a screenshot to support that theory, had I skipped that and went straight to SoR I could have been in early

                My turn to happy dance, then! My honest first thought was SoR, but then I second guessed cos it didn't seem like a Serrels game, plus lousy work distractions.

    The top one looks like from Sam & Max: Hit The Road and the last one looks like Streets Of Rage II for the Genesis.

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