Well, it didn't take much for everyone to guess yesterday's ScribbleTaku as Blood. I'm actually quietly impressed with how close I got the drawing, given my skills, even though the index finger on the right hand is blatantly out of whack.

Today's scribble comes courtesy of Scrumptatoes. Can you guess the game?

Good luck!


    Dragon Age

    Eternal Darkness?

      I think this guess is on the money; sanity meter in the bottom left? Girl in a tank top with a flashlight points towards it too

    I didn't see yesterday's until several hours after the fact, but I could tell just from the thumbnail.

    And to think, Alex, you accused ME of being too artsy. You did real good.

    The character looks western, but ye person in the background looks eastern. It's most likely a horror game and as I used fatal frame a while ago, it can't be that.
    Forbidden siren? Although I think that is one of the few games that has a male protagonist.
    Unless, judging by the outfit, it's fatal frame two as it look a bit like Mio's outfit

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