Did you guess Lamborghini American Challenge for the latest ScribbleTaku? That was the game over the last couple of days, with dre666 and claymore35 both nailing the game (albeit it across different regions). Well done, you two.

It's time for a new game, however. Can you guess what it is?

Good luck!


    Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind.

      Or Pikachu in Bubsy ROM Hack of the Weird Kind.

        Or Bubsy in that amazing Streets of Rage hack.

    Bubsy 2, just to be different.

      Bubsy 3D, just to remind everyone that it did indeed happen.

        Bubsy VR, just to take it to that next level.

          I would legit be jazzed with that news.

            I reckon a lot of the classics would work in VR. Strangely, but they'd work. Imagine Pacman VR... Or Space Invaders VR (Galaga as VR co-op!!!). As an observer, that'd be some funny shit.

    Or maybe Bubsy in Fractured Furry Tales...who knows?

    Quick, stick a bandana on it so I can say Jazz Jackrabbit.

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