The First Uncensored Sex Game On Steam Is Finally Out


    And it's all yours for $29.74 USD.....

    Ahahahahahahah no thanks. I'm good.

      Exchange rate is definitely not helping either!

        Having all your friends seeing that you've been playing this recently wouldn't help either.

    I'll wait until it goes on sale.

      It is on sale, just not much off the price. :(

        I know, just waiting for a bigger discount.

          Think we all are.

          Fruits of Grasisa was 50% of recently but Clannad was only 10% off, meaning it still hideously expensive. Some consistency for sales & prices on VN from Steam would be nice.

    Eh, I know it makes for a grabbing article title, but it's not really a "sex game".

    And it's aimed at Lady Gamers. Go Figure. And an all female cast in the game...

      Is it? Yuri games are often aimed at guys (just as yaoi games - AKA guy x guy or "boys love" games - are often aimed at women).

    As I understand it from reading Steam reviews, the game doesn't have any explicit sex, just some nudity. Steam has always allowed nudity and other visual novels and such on Steam still contain some nudity. Just the more explicit sexual content is removed.

    I haven't played it though so it's possible the Steam reviews lied and there is explicit lady-sexing in this game. In which case I'll need to buy it for uh, research and to uh, mark this umm... advancement in the progressiveness of Steam's content policy. Yes...

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