There's A New Fashion Collection For All Things Firefly

I always see plenty of people wearing apparel for Star Wars. Mass Effect leggings pop up here and there. Occasionally you'll see jewellery or iconography from Star Trek pop up. But what about Firefly? There are plenty of fans around for that franchise, but you don't see many people wearing it on their sleeve. Literally.

Fortunately, a Brisbane clothing line is helping to change that.

The retailer is called Living Dead Clothing, a Brisbane company with a penchant for pop culture-themed apparel. They've got collections for Alice in Wonderland, the Simpsons, a range of steampunk wear and plenty of items for sci-fi and fantasy nerds.

They even have some striking Cardcaptor Sakura dresses.

But the main focus today is their new Firefly collection, the second collection dedicated to Joss Whedon's sci-fi series. The collection doesn't go live until 9:00 AM Monday morning, but when it does it will sport Brisbane-produced items for both sexes.

The collection will be based around nine characters from the series and will feature swimwear, skaters, rainmakers and leggings, as well as other items.

Photo: Living Dead Clothing


    Gross. I hope they make these in XXL or they wont be selling anything. Urgh what is that skirt. Urgh.

    so much cringe... so lame

    Wash's shirt really ought to have the nose of a spaceship coming out of it

      I thought he was hit by a spear-like projectile, not the nose of the Reaver ship itself...

    I'm pretty sure that not one of those people would be seen dead wearing sci-fi themed apparel in real life if they weren't being paid to do it.

    The skirts are nice, not too sure on those t-shirts, they seem rather plain with just a name and some crap symbol in hyper-color.

      Yeah, looks like no effort was made at all
      Hell even redbubble has a dozen on the first page better than those

    Ok. I'm just going to say it. Fire fly is the most over rated TV show I've ever watched. Ok now you can hate on me.

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