Cosplay Meets Fashion In This Rapturous Bioshock Clothing Line

Cosplay Meets Fashion In This Rapturous Bioshock Clothing Line

Living Dead Clothing has made Zelda fashionable, turned Sailor Moon costumes into everyday wear and put the fly into Firefly — and now it’s tackling the decaying art deco world of Bioshock. As with many of LDC’s collections, it’s half cosplay, half geeky fashion — and you’ll be sure to see these pieces around at every gaming convention this year.

The collection, made in partnership with 2K Games, has a number of pieces that can pass for casual cosplay — the Little Sister dresses, for example — while big pieces like the Big Sister catsuit could serve as a base for a full costume. With a huge number of LDC’s fans being cosplayers, it’s not surprising that their designs are increasingly targeted towards this market.

Other pieces in the collection are more subtle and suitable for everyday wear, whether they’re the printed t-shirts, the logo-emblazoned leggings, or the more abstract designs of the Art Deco, sci-fi-esque Vita Chamber.

Living Dead’s Bioshock collection is out now, and you can see the rest of the designs on their website.


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