The BioShock Party Was Stuffed With Cool BioShock Cosplay

Mass Effect cosplay? Sure! BioShock cosplay? I guess that shouldn't be a surprise. People love dressing up in all sorts of Steampunk garb, some of which intersects with the aesthetic of the BioShock games. But I didn't expect to see much BioShock cosplay at PAX East this past weekend. There was, in fact, plenty... at the official BioShock party.

The video I shot of amateur BioShock cosplayers at the series' Saturday night part is a bit dark, but you can see some cool costumes and maybe a gaming journalist or two you might recognise.

Note: The Delta drill suit you see in the video was much more impressive when there was a guy in it!


    "Oh, it's a Delta? Okay, a Delta..."

    *looks at Splicers* "I don't know what these guys are..."

    Has Stephen Totilo actually played any Bioshock game...ever?

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