UFC Champ Streams Bloodborne, Drug Testers Barge In

UFC fighters live-streaming on Twitch, this is a thing that happens now. Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson is probably most successful, given his penchant for drunk dialing former opponents and talking shit to them live.

Demetrious 'Mighty Mouse' Johnson — the current UFC Flyweight champion and arguably the best pound-for-pound fighter on the planet — runs a close second.

And the weirdest thing just happened during his livestream.

First, some context: the UFC has a drug problem. Plenty of fighters are competing using performance enhancing drugs. Ask fighters what percentage of their opponents are on the juice? Most estimates tend to run between 50% and 80%.

So yeah, the UFC has a big drug problem. And it's a problem they are trying to fix. That's why they're paying the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) a ton of money to randomly drug test UFC fighters when they least expect it. Previously UFC fighters only had to worry about being tested on fight night; which left them with plenty off time to cycle of HGH, steroids or whatever weird laxatives they were using to help them cut weight.

Now? Fighters can expect to have USADA barge down their door at any time they choose and in 2016 USADA has dialled things up a notch. Dozens of fighters have been tweeting pics, instagrams of them being blood and urine tested in their homes at all hours in the morning.

Usually USADA drags fighters out of their beds, this time? Even worse.

USADA literally barged in on Mighty Mouse whilst he was playing Bloodborne. Not only was he playing Bloodborne he was live-streaming Bloodborne on Twitch.

Which is incredible, considering the majority of his stream chat was already talking about the drug testing, and how hilarious it would be if Mighty Mouse was randomly tested during the stream.

And then it happened. A knock on the door. USADA, here to test the champ. "Knocking on the door like the police," as Mighty Mouse described it.

Unreal. You can watch it happening in the video above.

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    By barging in, you mean "knocked on the door, and came across as very polite, even let the guy shut down his twitch stream"

      Taking a urine sample by force would be awfully uncomfortable for everyone involved, not really the way you'd want to do it... Don't get me wrong, they were polite and nice to the guy, but they're not likely to tackle you to the floor before handing you the container to piss in.

      Dozens of fighters have been tweeting pics, instagrams of them being blood and urine tested in their homes at all hours in the morning.

      Usually USADA drags fighters out of their beds

      This quote is a little more indicative of reality, not your fake one. As you can see, it's not really "barging" (I thought the exaggeration to be obvious considering the context) but not really close in a general sense to your assumption either.

        title of article "UFC Champ Streams Bloodborne, Drug Testers Barge In"

        They didn't barge in though, they didn't even want to be on the stream.

    Ah Kotaku, even when it's a gaming article you still manage to squeeze UFC in ;)

    (I jest. Mostly.)

    I'd like to point out that Mighty Mouse's twitch is pretty damn awesome to watch. Him and Rampage Jackson playing Rainbow Six Siege was bloody awesome.

    Interesting, yeah totally completely inaccurate title.. zero barging. Much polite.

    I'm surprised more MMA people aren't big gamers (that we know of)

    Well....... what were the results?

    Knocking on my door? On the night of the hunt? Ghastly beasts..

    Perfectly understandable really. They heard he was streaming and wanted to ask if he could direct some of the stream their way.

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