XCOM 2's Ambushes Are So Badass

XCOM 2's Ambushes Are So Badass

Video: GTFO here, Advent. Of all the things XCOM 2 does better than its predecessor, the thing I like the best is when the series' penchant for cinematic camera shots meets the sequel's cooler additions to the formula. Like the way enemy reinforcement drops are telegraphed one turn in advance, so you can (if you're lucky) set up ambushes for reinforcing enemies.

Sometimes, you're nowhere near the drop, and whatever objective you had just gets harder with the addition of more enemy troops.

Other times, like this, you're in the right place at the right time, and turn-based strategy gaming has never felt so brutal.


    Had that a couple of times the Advent reinforcement LZ is right in the middle of my troops, they jump off and get slaughter, mind you the law of averages I've seen them jump off and every trooper target the same alien and miss every shot ....

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      To be fair, I'm just thankful overwatch isn't like it used to be in EU/EW and they don't still all target the same enemy even if the first attack kills it.

    So I'll have to join the master race to play this? But I don't have a lustrous mane!

    Man, that video is so slick. Why doesn't mine run that smooth and pretty? :(

    ...I gotta go home and mess with my settings now.

    Its even funnier when the dropship drops them right on top of your guys and well...

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