Bill Gates: ‘I Will Look Into’ A New Age Of Empires

Bill Gates: ‘I Will Look Into’ A New Age Of Empires
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Microsoft co-founder and billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates had an AMA on Reddit yesterday, so of course he was asked a question about… Age of Empires.

Never mind that the dude doesn’t really have much to do at Microsoft these days, when le-click saw an opening (via PC Gamer), he damn well took it, asking:

Mr. Gates, can we please have another Age of Empires? Not sure if this is your department, but I figured I’d ask since you were here…


Edit: Bill plz I know you can see this.

Gates, heeding his desperate second plea, answered:

I will look into this. How many empires do you need?

Well, Bill, just one would be a good start. I know there have been re-releases and expansions and Age of Empires Online lately, but the world could really do with a proper, new, good Age of Empires. And if anyone can pick up a phone, call Microsoft and get it done, it’s you.

Oh, and maybe do something about Flight Simulator while you’re on the line? Thanks!


  • Yeah I would love a full remake of AoE 2 (as in still isometric but with maybe 3D sprites and buildings or even just full 3D but same gameplay)

    even an ability to create your own faction and fine tune them for multiplayer,

    otherwise an Age Of Empires game that rivals empire earths multiple ages/epochs but maybe make it a little more streamlined (say Primal Age, Bronze Age, Dark Age, Castle Age, Imperial Age, Atomic Age, Digital Age, Nano Age) that would be amazing…

    would also love to see something like BFMEs war of the ring mode as in some persistent multiplayer campaign for private or public play.

  • “How many empires do you need.”

    Anyone else think Bill is not actually serious about this?

  • While I would love a new AOE game lets be honest, it will probably end up like the new sim city game everyone ‘needed’ to have.

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