Fan Edited Trailer For The New Ghostbusters Is So Much Better

Video: If you were a little underwhelmed by yesterday’s Ghostbusters trailer, this fan edit makes a convincing case it could have used more time in the editing room. As a huge fan of Ghostbusters and just about everyone involved in this movie, I’m rooting for this to kick arse. The original trailer felt a little flat for me, but that happens all the time with comedies.

Here’s the official trailer, for reference:

And let’s not forget the first trailer for the 1984 Ghostbusters was shitty, too!


  • Remakes… Redundant crap peddled in the most cynical way possible. Every time. Stop giving money to these hacks.

  • Posted this in the thread, so much better than the official trailer. It’s not the fact it’s all women. That’s a perfectly legit way to do the movie, just as all male, and mixed is. It’s the way it’s presented and the way the trailers cut. With a complete absense of Leslie Jones reduced to a pathetic stereotype, by just teasing elements, it’s so much better!

      • If you’re that upset you have 80 years of male dominated cinema to go back to, having said that I prefer the original ghostbusters

        • Not upset. Just astounded. I’ve heard of fighting fire with fire but social justice warriors and the extreme left that seems to flourish on the internet takes hateful rhetoric to a whole new level.

          If you want a specific video game example of exactly what my initial comment was talking about check out some of the articles about GTA V’s all male protagonists and how that is “problematic”.

          To be clear, men, women, any point in between; I’m all for it. I think if you’ve got good characters, good writing, and good acting, that’s what matters. I just can’t stand this current culture online that being white and or male is some affront to the notion of a progressive society. The same groups that this sort of all female casting should appeal to are already pulling out the pitchforks because the black lady isn’t a scientist in this reboot.

          • No one is saying that being white and male is an “affront to the notion of a progressive society”. It’s just that society has been dominated by the white male for far too long and it’s time for diversity to kick in. On a side note, have you noticed that it’s usually white men who bitch about so called “social justice warriors”? You know, the same white men who have been over represented in media for forever?

          • Oh look! “White male character is problematic because the role was always a white male character”.

            I really take issue with this tired, half-baked notion that “have you ever noticed it’s white straight males who have issues with SJW?” When you are told, over and over and over again, that you have this reductive, purely theoretical power called “privilege”, when you are generalised by the same people who claim to be against generalisation, when people point at people who look exactly like you and say “that’s the problem”, why wouldn’t you take issue with it?

            The irony is half of those things are the historical behaviours of racist people, tarring all black people with the same brush, for example. How SJW can’t see this when they call for things like modern day segregation (“You can’t cover that song, a black person made it. You can’t wear those clothes, that’s Indian culture you’re “appropriating”. You can’t grow dreadlocks, that’s racist.”) Is beyond me.

            This idea that all white men are the same, and that one white man being “represented in the media” means we can all tick that off our bucket list, is utterly absurd. More than that, the argument that all white cultures are at all the same is so reductionist it hurts. You can’t tell me Italian culture and Swedish culture are at all the same, or that the people who come from these respective places even look at all similar.

            I desperately want to live in a world where people can shut the hell up about external characteristics like gender and the colour of our skin and treat each other with some goddamn respect; but I will not abide this hypocritical, ignorant and often hate-fueled position taken by the internet and social justice warriors today.

          • Agreed. Gender shouldn’t be the issue when casting – unless the movie is based on a game or book, or something, where the gender (and any other issue – ethnicity, for example) is already in place.
            I’m now interested in this movie because the edited trailer gives a good impression on the characterization – wasn’t before, really.

        • The original Ghostbusters will always hold a special place in my heart. I wasn’t so sure about this new one, but the [edited] trailer actually makes me curious. Only time will tell if it lives up to it’s namesake.

  • Maybe cut a little too fast at times, but yeah a better trailer for sure. I think the all-woman team is a good idea, but the rest of the film seems a little too bland.

  • A bit too hectic but the other one was way too expository. Basically laid down all the key points of the first half of the movie.

    • Yeah like if i were to watch this, id be wondering, ” where are all these ghosts coming from?” i wouldnt get to learn along with the movie, the trailer spoils it woo.
      this movie looks so tumblr friendly

  • LOL. That trailer is so much better. TBH I’m glad they released the official version though, because this fan made trailer would have sucked me into watching it…. and the official trailer has shown me how bad an idea that would have been.

  • And let’s not forget the first trailer for the 1984 Ghostbusters was shitty, too!

    I really enjoyed that trailer 🙁

    • Indeed. Can’t tell if I’m biased because I loved it so much when it came out, but I think the original trailer is fine and a decent product of its age.

  • Can this guy recut the movie too? Cutting out 90% of the crap jokes makes this look somewhat watchable

  • I love the original films. So much so that i have the ghostbusters logo tattooed on arm (where the patch would be). I guess I’m one of the few that is excited for this – i would’ve prefered a passing-the-torch sequel rather than a remake but hey, can’t have everything.
    The fan made trailer was significantly better – especially due to removing the “30 years ago 4 scientists saved NYC…” which was incorrect because Zeddemore wasn’t a scientist. Neither is Leslie Jones’ character in this one. Surprised no one is claiming it’s racist…? Anywho. Thanks for posting this i may never have seen it otherwise 🙂

  • This fan is a heck of a lot better. I actually enjoyed the jokes too – just goes to show with good pacing, music timing you get a hell of a lot better comedy

  • It’s a better trailer but I still wouldn’t watch it if that were the official trailer.Nothing to do with the all female cast, ether. It just looks bland. I’ll reserve full judgement until it actually comes out but I couldn’t be any less excited.

  • You know what my issue is?
    Kirsten Wiig and Melissa Mcarthy are so over-rated and really are not even funny.
    I would love to see this movie with some new funnier women.

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