Final Fantasy IX Won’t Stop Teasing Fans On Steam

Final Fantasy IX Won’t Stop Teasing Fans On Steam

Last month, video game enthusiast Square Enix surprise-released Final Fantasy IX on iOS and Android. But the PC version is still nowhere to be found, which is driving some fans crazy.

Since Square announced the new ports of their classic PS1 game back in December, fans have been frantically checking Steam’s “new release” section and watching for FFIX. At first, the game was listed for “January 2016”, which soon became “Early 2016”, then morphed into “Feb 2016”.

Final Fantasy IX Won’t Stop Teasing Fans On Steam

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Now, as we enter March, it’s back to Early 2016, which is leading a number of anxious Final Fantasy fans to wonder just what’s going on. People are scouring the SteamDB page to watch Square’s testers try out the port, mashing refresh every time Steam seems to update and crossing their fingers for an update. The game’s been stuck in “New Releases” for what must be two months now. As one GAFfer put it: “Maybe they thought they released it a month ago but forgot to hit the button. And now they can’t figure out how they didn’t sell a single copy.”

Anyway, we’ll keep an eye out. If it helps: the port is really good!

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