Surprise: Final Fantasy IX Is Out Now On Phones

Surprise: Final Fantasy IX Is Out Now On Phones

Stealthy Square Enix snuck Final Fantasy IX out on iOS and Android this morning, and presumably it will be on Steam soon too. This new version of the ninth Final Fantasy has high-res character models, touch controls and a set of new cheats like a "no random encounters" mode and a fast-forward button. You can also toggle all of your characters to do 9999 damage per hit, which is hilarious.

I just bought it, because why not spend another $26.99 on a game you've already bought three times? Impressions to come soon.

Grab it here on iOS or Android.


    Even though its my favorite FF game that is expensive as sh!t for a mobile version...I wonder if i should hold out until they decide to release this on PS4 like they did with FFVII

    I've yet to see any evidence of "high-definition models" that are supposed to be in this. I'm pretty sure they're just rendering the normal models at a higher resolution (which is how every PSX emulator does it)

      Happy to say I stand corrected:

    I just can't get my head around Square Enix's pricing on mobile games. Seriously - who is buying them at these prices?! If it's you, please stop. You're just encouraging them.

      Why though?

      Because you're conditioned for free/cheap iOS games?
      The problem us that iOS games are cheap trash barely worth the dollar they charge. Square games, on the other hand, are epic saga's wothout a whiff of IAP (for the most part).
      Why should bebit cheaper on iOS than it would be on 3DS, PS, or any other platform?

      I've given up on iOS games.. But Square, Beamdog and Harebrained are the only beacons of light left ln that platform.

        This. Spot on. I would say stop encouraging the IAP loaded Free+ developers that are crowding the app store. It's a race to the bottom and we're devaluing the thing we hold dear, creating a market where it's easy for cheap crap cash in developers to make a quick buck, but making it increasingly hard for anyone with any vision or ambition to succeed.

    Fuck $27....

      still cheaper than buying a used copy for ps1.

        Although you can get it on PSN for $14.95 (and I've seen it on sale for half that) and play it on PS3 or Vita.

    Square still trolling with those prices.

    I can't even find it in my iphone. It is iPad only?


    Found it. I had to go find all square enix games only and then scroll through the list to find it. No result when I search for final fantasy 9 or final fantasy ix

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    I tried to get into 7 and I just couldn't. I think 9 might appeal to more and I'd love to play 6. I hate Final Fantasy but I want to like it. I've only enjoyed the first one which i had on psp. Hate to upset the fanboys but 7 is overrated and its aged like shit. From what I've heard 6 and 9 sound heaps better

      Really curious - what RPGs do you like? Any other JRPGs or just western rpgs or other? Interested to see how the games you do like contrast to FF7/etc.

        I dont play many jrpgs, but i grew up playing dragon quest and i remember playing lost odyssey on 360, currently playing fire emblem but i dont think that counts? I do enjoy western rpgs but I really want to play jrpgs on my 3ds. Would love to play chrono trigger and wild arms!

          If you're interested in JRPGs for 3DS you should check out Bravely Default :)

    Any idea what the delay was between SE's other iOS/Android releases prior to coming on Steam? I've been keen to play FF9 for a while but I've been holding off for the Steam release... that no encounter thing is going to make certain parts a helluva lot less tedious

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      Tell me about it! I love FF9, but the encounter rate is insane sometimes.

    lolwut. I was just waiting for it to come out on steam :\

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