Final Fantasy IX Is Coming To PC And Mobile Phones

Video: Final Fantasy IX, one of the best Final Fantasy games, is coming to PC and smartphones at some point in 2016, Square Enix announced today in Japan. Square didn't announce a western release but it's safe to say one will follow, given that every other Final Fantasy mobile and PC port has made the transition.


    And bring on the AWESOME soundtrack exclusively as midi format! YAY - SQUARE ENIX!

    FFIX was so good! I feel it doesn't get the recognition it deserves against the likes of VII and X.

    Having said that hopefully SE bring X/X-2 HD and FFXII to PC soon and complete the collection.

    Best news ever! My favorite Final Fantasy game finally getting an updated release :)

    Best Final Fantasy title I have ever played (actually pretty close tie to next to the original Tactics)

    Time to finish FF12 and 13 before i re-finish this one, because Steam achievements! LOL

    Much joy
    Such Excite

    Easily my favorite in the main FF series. Been hoping this would happen since FF8 was released on PC!

      It might just be me, but wasn't FF8 released (almost) simultaneously on PC and PS2?

      Or did you mean the re-release on steam?

    This was the first game I ever played that had an actual story and characters, so it holds a very special place in my heart, as the first story-driven game almost anyone plays does. From my understanding, the reason FFIX is not remembered especially fondly is due to the fact that, tonally and artistically, it is a big departure from FFVII and FFVIII. However, the tonal differences are why I don't especially like FFVII and FFVIII.

    They never made another Final Fantasy like FFIX. And with the direction of FFXIII and FFXV, I fear they never will.

    Unpopular opinion here but I really didn't think FF9 was all that great, gameplay-wise it took absolutely no risks and didn't really have anything to make it stand out from any of the old-school JRPGs it was trying to emulate. It also went more than a little weird towards the end in terms of story, in fact I don't even remember the final boss having any sort of relevance to the plot in general.

    That said, I do think Vivi alone makes it worth a look, and if it comes to Steam I'll probably pick it up to satisfy my inner collector. I just don't really understand why everyone seems to love it so much, when others in the series (5 and 6 in particular) seem to be better in every way.

    Meh. The fact that the main character was a thief class (with a tail) always annoyed me.

    Yet out of all the FF's I've played this was the only one I played to 100% completion and maxed out my characters. (Even now the music to the chocobo game still haunts me)

    Tetramaster... chocobo heaven. My childhood is waiting to be relived.

    Um please actually think before posting. ff7 and 8 had to use Midi format because the workarounds to using sounds on psx vs pc were different. Even though mods fix everything. ffix never had a pc counterpart.

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