Gothic Lolita-Themed Kitchen Knives Exist

Gothic Lolita-Themed Kitchen Knives Exist

What a time to be alive.

IT Media reports that that what’s being called “The World’s First Lolita Kitchen Knife” is going on sale in Japan.

“Lolita” refers to the Japanese fashion subculture.

Gothic Lolita-Themed Kitchen Knives Exist

[Images: Takumi Armory]

There are two types: the more Gothic-style Juliette, with a butterfly-inspired blade that’s etched with roses, and the pink Lappin, which features hearts. They are priced at 198,000 yen ($2333) and 168,000 yen ($1980), respectively.

According to IT Media, the knives are made by a fourth-generation Japanese blacksmith, and these handcrafted blades are made-to-order.

GIF via Takumi Armory


    • Around $2000 for any knife would be crazy. I can’t believe people would pay so much unless they were crazy rich.

      • The funny thing is, that’s a bargain compared to some of the most expensive knives in the world which can start around 5k and go into the millions.

        • Didn’t know there were knives that valuable out there but then again I only ever think about buying basic butter and steak knives. Never even considered people would try and make em fancy.

  • These are status boosters I presume?

    You know that type of ad where it’s about being a good house wife by having the best toilet cleaner/mould cleaner etc? I imagine these knives serve that purpose in the Lolita community.

    A group of Lolita are meeting at a friends house, someone in the group looks around and asks to use the bathroom (she has an ulterior motive – lets just see HOW Lolita our host is) and when she gets there, to her dismay, these knives are placed on a mantle in the bathroom. Turns out the host, Strawberry Raven, is soooo much more of a Lolita than her snoopy friend.

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