Here Is What's Up With Spider-Man's Eyes

Here's Our Best Look at Spider-Man's Fabulous New Costume

OK, so you've watched the Civil War trailer a bunch of times to see that Spider-Man shot. But Disney and Marvel have released a high-resolution picture of Peter Parker's grand debut in the Marvel Cinematic universe to give us all an even better look. (Pro tip: don’t forget to click the image to see it in all its high-resolution glory!)

There's actually a remarkable number of things to take in, considering how traditional this new costume seems. The basketball-esque texture people disliked of the Spider-Man and Amazing Spider-Man suits is still there, but much finer, giving it a shinier look. Meahwhile, the isty-bitsy spider logo is very in line with Todd McFarlane's style of Spider-Man. There are little black clips all around his waist (maybe to hold canisters of web fluid?) and black bits of armour on the arms as well.

But honestly, it's the eyes that are the most interesting part of this new suit. Those moving black-and-white eyes, right out of the pages of a comic. Amazingly, this high-res shot actually shows us how they're meant to realistically "work".

Here's Our Best Look at Spider-Man's Fabulous New Costume

These aren't your Deadpool-style CGI eyes, although the effect is likely enhanced by CG trickery. The white area increases and decreases in size by an intricate series of different shutters opening or closing, just like a camera's aperture. It's maybe a weirdly over-elaborate way to bring a comic book staple to the big screen, but we can't argue with the results. Between Spidey in Civil War and Deadpool, you have to wonder if 2016 is secretly the year of animated superhero eyes in movies? All these years of inarticulate masks seem rather silly in comparison.

What do you think of Spider-Man's new cinematic look? Let us know in the comments.

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    Probably looks good on the big screen, but looks fake on the youtube trailer.
    So fingers crossed it looks better in the cinema

    It's actually a really cool idea. It's let's "Spider-Man" actually have some facial expressions that we can see in the comics, instead of just a voice

    It also allows them to shout out to some of the comic book artists take on the eyes and the ratios of white and black whether intentional or not. Initial image is more inline with Romita and the large white with thin black while after the narrowing it gives more of a Ditko impression with a balance between the black and white.

    I did notice a little mechanical noise in the trailer when they got smaller. I assume some kind of Stark upgrade?...i dunno.

    Cool though...

    I kinda dislike how his eyes are so small. Also, the ratio between black and white seems slightly off aswell. Could just be me, though.

      They look really small in that shot, but in the trailer he sort of squints and the lenses change shape.

    Looked awesome for me. Still have over a month to go. Plus the suit design absolutely kills all the designs that have come before it.

    I hope it links to Spidey's story ark from the Civil War comics.
    Spidey starts on Iron Man's side, and has a flash new suit designed by Stark. He realises that Stark built it to map out how Spiderman moves, and was sending back data in case they fought. This helped to sway him to switch to Captain America's side - could be a nice little subplot of the film (if they can fit it in!)

      There's rumours saying that actually is part of it.

        It's too late now, but it would have been really cool if spiderman un-masks in a public press-conference like the comic, and they had kept the actor playing him a complete secret, so that he is unmasked to the movie audience as well... but I'm sure the internet would have ruined it by now anyway.

          I feel like that wouldn't be that effective to the viewing audience. Unless you'd actually cast someone relatively known and kept it secret until the reveal when people see the film, people aren't going to care that it's some random kid. It works for the characters in the film because they don't know that Spider-Man is also Peter Parker, but we already do.

          Now, had they done that and revealed that it wasn't Peter, but Miles Morales, that would be a much stronger reveal. But then most people would be able to pick it by the character's voice, so you'd have to have a silent Spidey up until the reveal, which negates one of the major draws of the Spider-Man character; wise cracking while beating up bad guys.

      Is Spiderman actually a part of the plot? I thought he was just getting basically a cameo in it.

        Apparently he's more than a cameo, but still a glorified one in a sense. Gets a bit of screen time, but it's really a 'backdoor intro' for his character.

    i still hope thy do a spiderman deadpool crossover. woot. actually, any deadpool cross over to be honest.

      Doubt it'll happen. That's a Sony/Fox/Marvel crossover issue there then. Plus Marvel went on record as saying they don't want R rated cinematic movies for the MCU.

        soft cocks the bunch of them. money hungering, no canon loving, selfish dick hugging soft cocks. marvel should be split across the fucking studios. give the fans what they want, one coherent marvel universe.

          lol well, that's Marvels fault entirely, you can't blame Fox and Sony for it lol. Marvels the ones that auctioned off their movie rights *shrug*.

          You don't like having two versions of Quicksilver? One who is ... russian or something? The other Magneto's son.
          Scarlet witch isn't related to Magneto either...

            yeah, what the fuck hey? i mean i loved both versions of quicksilver, but i guess it was a past and present version, so they could still mesh into one, although i think that changes with Age of Apocalypse coming out.

              They have amnesia? I think there was some conflict with Whedon's version...
              I just want Scarlet Witch to have a bad dream and kill all the xmen/mutants exepct Wolverine...

                Also, doesn't Deadpool get killed by Wolverine in The Wolverine? He has some of Cyclops power and sword arms? And horrible albino skin.. OH! What about Gambit? Isn't he supposed to be really cool? How many actors have played the Hulk? etc, etc.

                They should give us the fan service we are clearly salivating for: Hot springs with all the characters messing around in bikinis and such.

                Last edited 11/03/16 2:33 pm

                  days of future past erased the first 3 movies as well as wolverine - i think.

                  oh, and how about a non shitty Rogue, like a throw back to this style and accent

              The Avengers ones aren't Mutants, Fox having the rights for all Murants. It's why the Inhumans have had such a large push in the comics lately, taking the lead over the "Waking up with strange, fantastic powers" that they used to be known for.


            It's a shame about Rogue... The xmen movies came out when the fat cats weren't sure if audiences would respond well to outlandish comic designs. Clearly we want the comic stuff!

            Cyclops: "Would you prefer yellow spandex? Huh WOLVIE? Did Sabertooth forget that he's your brother?! IDIOT!"

            I re-watch these movies so i'm allowed to heckle.

          I kinda like that the fox movies are a little more adult and the marvel/disney ones are family friendly. Id went to see deadpool for me n the others i can take the kids to see em. But looking at your comment i doubt that making comic book movies accessible to kids is high on your priorities.

        p.s. thanks for bursting my bubble and dashing my dreams. poo poo head.

        Simple solution there, even canonically speaking. A simple toning down of the violence, and bleep out DP's swears. Allow him to make commentary on it in the customary fashion for his character.

        Problem solved.

          Simple solution there, even canonically speaking. A simple toning down of the violence, and bleep out DP's swears.

          Even though that's 2/3rds of the things he's known for.

        That could have been a decision lead by Isaac Perlmutter who seems genuinely unhinged and not safe to be around.

        A recent video detailing a little of hit crazyness.

    I just never liked much the original Ditko costume that this one clearly throws back too. I much prefer the more modern bug-eyed versions where the eyes take like half of the face. I Also prefer the spindly legged big spider motif on the chest. I'm disappointed they went with this version, but I imagine some people will be happy.

      Every other Marvel Universe characters costume has changed every film. Scarlet Witch will have had like 3 costumes by the time this comes out and she is brand new. Ant-Man is sporting a new costume already too. Makes sense they would start with this version as it's a throwback to his early days, but would be super surprised if you don't get the look you like at some point (maybe even as soon as his solo movie?)

      Given that Amazing Spider-Man 2 had the big eyes etc. I would think they also wanted to distance themselves for his reintroduction.

        Yeah, gotta sell new action figures. lets not forget that merchandising is still big business.

    Even if it's comics-faithful, it's still stupid. In the trailer, he's squinting in the way someone does if they're contemplating something. It's not to like zoom in or anything, it's literally to show that he's "thinking". Fair enough in a comic. Stupid in actuality. His real eyes behind the mask could be squinting as he thinks, but what sort of magic technology would purposely match the fake eyes with his real eyes?

      "Magic technology"?? You mean to tell me that with all the Stark tech, cosmic powers, invincible alloys etc. portrayed in the movies some mechanical eyes controlled by actual eye movement is just too far fetched for you? I'm pretty sure that modern real world tech could simulate that. Have you never seen robotic prosthetics controlled by neural impulses. And I think that in the movie universe it could have practical applications. Let's say there's an explosion or blinding light. By the mechanical eye shutters closing, it would augment the real eyes' natural reaction and add an extra layer of protection against visual disorientation. I think it's a cool effect that lets the mask emote more and has justifiable reasons for it being there as well. Way more explainable than Deadpool's CGI eyes.

        some mechanical eyes controlled by actual eye movement is just too far fetched for you?

        Isn't that how the Iron Man suit is controlled? I haven't seen it in a while, but if I remember correctly in the original movie they use something about an eye based interface to explain how he can use all these advanced functions without actually doing anything. He tells Jarvis to manually adjust the power a few times but the rest of the time it just knows what to do.

        As for practical applications he moves around the city by firing off long range precision shots from his wrist so it actually makes a lot of sense that he'd need augmented vision. It's always presented as just a natural talent but as long as they don't go overboard it'd make sense.

    Maybe they work like cameras. Parker is a photographer after all, is he not? He has mechanical web-slingers, so why not eye-cameras?

    I think that the eyes are used to track down antman

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