Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse’s New Poster Has Even More Spider-Heroes

Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse’s New Poster Has Even More Spider-Heroes

Last week’s Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse trailer gave us a whole multiversal nexus of Spider-heroes to freak out about, both new designs and familiar looks. How could there possibly be even more? Well, the movie’s gorgeous new poster managed to get some in.

Sony dropped the new poster today, along with a new tagline twisting Into the Spider-Verse’s “anyone can wear the mask” mantra: anyone can wear it, yes, but it’s how you wear it that matters most.

Yes yes, great power, great responsibility, that’s all well and good. But look at all those Spider-People!!!! There’s of course some familiar faces from the trailer here, from big names like Oscar Isaac’s Miguel O’Hara/Spider-Man 2099 and Issa Rae’s Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman, to returnees Peter B. Parker and Spider-Gwen, to prominent cameos from the trailer like several of the Spider-Armour suits, Spider-Man Unlimited, and even the Bombastic Bag Man. But there’s still even more new looks here. And even more on a wider, international poster first spotted by Discussing Film:

Let’s do a rundown of who’s who that we can spot.

Pavitr Prabhakar, Spider-Man India

Image: Sony Pictures Animation/Marvel Comics

Pavitr’s new design was first revealed in concept art released in the wake of last week’s trailer, giving him a much more unique design compared to his costume in the comics. Pavitr is the Spider-Man of Earth-50101, created for the 2005 miniseries Spider-Man: India, but made major appearances in the Spider-Verse and Spider-Geddon comic events.

Hobie Brown, Spider-Punk

Image: Sony Pictures Animation/Marvel Comics

Likewise, Hobie’s design as Spider-Punk was shown alongside Pavitr in concept art form after the trailer’s release last week. One of the alternate Spider-heroes introduced in the run up to Spider-Verse in 2014’s Edge of Spider-Verse anthology, Hobie is the Spider-Man of Earth-138, a dystopian reality where Norman Osborn was the tyrannical president of the United States.

Ben Reilly, Scarlet Spider

Image: Sony Pictures Animation/Marvel Comics

The one, the only, Peter Parker’s most famous clone is here! We knew Ben Reilly, star of the Clone Saga, former hero, former villain, former reformed Spider-Man, current villain again (and completely innocent doer of wrongs alongside fellow begrudged clone, Madelyne Pryor), was going to appear in Across the Spider-Verse thanks to early merchandise for the film. The version we’re getting is his iconic look as Scarlet Spider, complete with his hoodie, rather any of the other multitude of mantles Ben has taken on over the years.

Patrick O’Hara, Web-Slinger

Image: Sony Pictures Animation/Marvel Comics

This rootin’ and/or tootin’ hero is the Web-Slinger, not to be confused with Webslinger, the Medieval Marvel version of Spider-Man that’s a bit more Spider than he is Man. Anyway, Patrick and his horse Widow were both bitten by a spider doused in a mystical shamanic elixir, granting them Spider-powers, leading Patrick to use his powers and his sharpshooting talents as a vigilante hero.


Image: Sony Pictures Animation/Marvel Comics

Spider-Cat is, well, as you’d expect, a Cat with spider-powers. This feline hero had a brief, grim appearance in Spider-Verse where he was killed off by the Spider-hero-eating vampires known as the Inheritors, but he first debuted in 2011 as part of the Spider-Island event, when everyone in Manhattan got Peter’s powers.

Margo, Spider-Byte

Image: Sony Pictures Animation/Marvel Comics

Spider-Byte is a virtual vigilante introduced in 2018’s Vault of Spiders miniseries, the Edge of Spider-Verse-esque prelude series to Spider-Geddon. From a reality where people spent most of their lives plugged into a virtual cyberpsace, Margo took on the identity of Spider-Byte to become a digital vigilante to fight cybercrime before she was recruited into the multiversal Spider-Army.

Julia Carpenter, Spider-Woman

Image: Sony Pictures Animation/Marvel Comics

Fittingly placed in the vicinity of Issa Rae’s Jessica Drew, we have Julia, the second Spider-Woman in Earth-616. Genetically enhanced and experimented on by Valerie Cooper and the U.S. government to create their own superhero, Julia eventually joined the West Coast Avengers after being a member of Mystique’s Freedom Force. Currently however, Julia is Madame Web, having inherited the psychic abilities and mantle from Cassandra Webb.

Charlotte Webber, Sun-Spider

Image: Sony Pictures Animation/Marvel Comics

Created by Dayn Broder originally as a fan-art “Spider-Sona,” Charlotte made her comics debut in the third volume of Spider-Verse in 2020 alongside several other community-created Spider-heroes. Charlotte uses a wheelchair when out of costume, but as Sun-Spider, she uses a set of crutches for stability.

Cyborg Spider-Woman

Image: Sony Pictures Animation/Marvel Comics

This hulking monstrous form is an homage to the Cyborg Spider-Man of the Revenge of the Sinister Six arc in 1994, where a heavily injured Peter Parker was enhanced with a cybernetic arm cast and an eye piece so he could continue his battle against the Sinister Six. We know this is a female Spider-hero — thanks, once again, to previous merchandise released for the movie early.

Doppelganger Spider-Man

Image: Sony Pictures Animation/Marvel Comics

First created as an evil duplicate of Spider-Man by the Magus in the events of Infinity War, Doppelganger took on a life of his own when he was revived by the Demogoblin, creating a psychic link between the two, although they would eventually part ways. Doppelganger then fell in with Carnage and the other symbiotes alongside Demogoblin during the events of Maximum Carnage.

Flash Thompson, Captain Spider

Image: Sony Pictures Animation/Marvel Comics

This varsity-jacket wearing Spider actually appeared in the trailer a few times, but reader, there was so many of them in there that I forgot to mention that he appears to be a riff on Captain Spider, an alternate Spider-Man from the pages of What If #7, where it was Flash who was bitten by the radioactive spider rather than Peter. Flash doesn’t wear the jacket in that story, but the hair and Spider-mask design here are a match for his look.

Takuya Yamashiro, the Emissary of Hell, Spider-Man

Image: Sony Pictures Animation/Toei

Takuya, aka the Emissary of Hell, aka the Japanese Spider-Man of Toei’s live-action Spider-Man tokusatsu show, was basically the first confirmed new Spider-hero making a cameo in Across the Spider-Verse. Given the powers of Garia, an alien from the planet Spider, Takuya became Spider-Man and wielded not just his great powers in the battle against the Iron Cross Army, but a giant mecha called Leopardon.

Spectacular Spider-Man

Image: Sony Pictures Animation/Disney

The star of the iconic 2008 animated series, and owner of the best Spider-Man theme, this version of Peter makes a teeny half-cameo on the international poster. It’s definitely Spectacular though; Spider-Verse producer Chris Miller confirmed the detail on social media.

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