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If you've seen Captain America: Civil War and the first trailer for Avengers: Infinity War, you know that at some point between the two films, the Winter Soldier gets back into fighting shape just in time to join forces with the Avengers and Wakanda's Dora Milaje to take on Thanos. A new Marvel comic gives us some connective tissue between the Black Panther film and the big team-up.

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The films we've as the best science fiction and genre films of 2016 are a very motley crew. This year we loved superheroes, animation, farting corpses, live action, talking animals, and more. These are films spanning different genres, disciplines, and themes, which experienced varied levels of success. Each is worthy of acknowledgment, though, so check out what we crowned the best of the best, and worst of the worst.


It's an Avengers movie! It's a Spider-Man movie! It's a Black Panther movie! Captain America: Civil War manages to be all of those things and more, thanks to a feat of truly impressive cinematic plate-spinning. This movie wasn't just good. It's the best Marvel superhero film so far. Spoilers ahead!