Morning, Let's Over Analyse This New Footage From Civil War

So I'm fairly sure that this new teaser trailer features new footage from Captain America: Civil War — but who the hell can tell any more?

Regardless, it's a slow Tuesday. Let's waste some precious time from our finite lifespans over-analysing this footage.

Tony Stark said something. He definitely said something about stuff that has to be done to "stop something worse". Ah, I see this will be a film about the responsibility of power and the shades of gray we must operate within to protect the innocent.


Could it be there will be some sort of conflict? Some kind of 'civil war'?


    At 0:02 there's 2 spatulas. That's Tony Stark money right there.

      I think you'll find the rounded one is actually a spoon with draining holes on the bottom.

    Too many jokes, silly Marvel. Must be darker and have more Christ metaphors. /s

      And lots of conversations that go no where.

        and more miscasts

          And mothers with the same name

            This whole Civil War thing could have been avoided if Tony and Steve just realised their mothers had the same name!

              The true reason for the Civil War!

              Tony: Wait, your mother's name was Sarah?

              Steve: Yes.

              Tony: Mine was Maria.




              CIVIL WAR!!!

      Characters and scenes are well lit and the action is discernible ... is this even a super hero movie?

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