Here's The Absurd Number Of Civil War II Comics Marvel Wants You To Buy In June

Here's the Absurd Amount of Civil War II Comics Marvel Wants You to Buy in June

Just when it feels like we have well and truly escaped last year's deluge of Secret Wars comics, Marvel is already ramping up for its latest comic event: Civil War II, which is absolutely in no way (maybe) influenced by the fact that Captain America: Civil War is coming out. And it wants you to buy a lot of comics for it. The company has revealed its solicitations for June, the month Civil War II is due to begin, and there are a whopping 17 comics carrying the event's banner releasing in that month alone, including the tie-ins:

  • Civil War II #1 and Civil War II #2, both with increased page counts
  • Civil War II: Choosing Sides #1, a six-issue miniseries
  • Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man #1, a four-issue miniseries
  • Civil War II: X-Men #1, a four-issue miniseries
  • Civil War II: Gods of War #1, a four-issue miniseries
  • Deadpool #14
  • Uncanny Inhumans #11
  • Ms Marvel #8
  • Captain Marvel #6
  • Captain America: Sam Wilson #10
  • Ultimates #8
  • New Avengers #12
  • Nova #8
  • All-New Wolverine #9
  • Invincible Iron Man #10

At a few bucks a pop, that's a lot of money for anyone itching to get the "complete" thing. But like many comic book events, it's almost a certainty that you only really have to read the main series to get the overall story of Civil War II. Of course, it seems like that's not going to stop Marvel from bombarding comic book shelves with oodles and oodles of tie-ins, spin-offs, prequels, side stories and everything it possibly can do in order for you to go "Hey, Civil War II is a thing." Maybe you'll even buy more comics than you usually would because of it! Huzzah, that would be lovely.

Either way, if one of your current Marvel pickups is on that list (and even if it isn't, it could be in future months as the event continues), you can expect to be bombarded with a dose of all things Civil War come June. Let the madness begin! Don't mind me, I'll just be sitting here with my copies of Han Solo #1 and The Vision #8, waiting for it all to blow over.

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    So comics in AU go for about 7-8 bucks at launch? Assuming an average of 5 comics per series to cover the event you'd be looking at a $500-$600 price tag. Why not just increase that to 25 different series/tie-ins and make it a nice round $1000 event?

      Or you could just wait 6 months and read it on Marvel Unlimited ...

        Problem being it's largely not worth reading! I used to think I had to read them all to get the full story but that's absolute hogwash, it's all canny marketing.

        Second the Marvel Unlimited suggestion. $69 a year, full access to Marvel's library (though they're missing some of the old stuff, slowly being updated), the new stuff appears 6 months after release. So with Civil War 2, wait 6 months and then you can read all the tie-ins.

        Not that majority of the tie-ins matter...

      Events like this are a huge reason to why I stopped collecting :(

      Last edited 24/03/16 9:11 am

    This is why marvel and DC piss me off so much. I love them don't get me wrong,but image and vertigo etc do such a great job with their self contained epics. Low anyone? Fatale? Pure freaking bliss !

    just wait a few months and grab the TPB for $40 or w/e

    Civil War had 3 "must read" books: Civil War, Frontline & Amazing Spider-Man. Everything else was filler. I'm sure there'll be a pattern in this series too where you can get the whole story by reading a couple of books.

    However I'll just wait till the end and get a few trades

    I thought that was the point of these big events, you read the main series and if any of the tie-ins interest you, then you grab them too. With events I usually like to read them all, and often the tie-ins are barely related or important, just fun. Like Secret Invasion, you didn't need to read that Hercules led a bunch of gods on a quest to fight the Skrull gods, but it was a cool extra story anyway.

    And I only just caught up with Secret Invasion, Secret Wars, Annihilation and Spiderverse too.

    One upon a time you used to be able to buy a one character title and get the full story without having to hunt down crossovers or global/universe-wide issues.

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