It Took A Lot Of Work To Make Destiny's Guns Sound Cool

It Took A Lot Of Work To Make Destiny's Guns Sound Cool

Video: It's clear that the developers at Bungie put an incredible amount of work into the sound effects in Destiny, a video game in which players travel through the solar system waiting for announcements of announcements of announcements of new content. This 15-minute mini-documentary, posted by Bungie today, illustrates just what that work looked like. It's really cool, particularly the parts where they go out to the desert and blow things up. If you're an audio geek or a Destiny fan — or, as in Kirk Hamilton's case, both — you'll really enjoy this one.


    People still play destiny?

      First thing I thought when I read the title is Bungie are trying to remind people this game still exists now that The Division has been released.

      people STILL waste time posting "people still play Destiny?" like the rest either think its funny or original?

    Only gun that sounds cool and beefy is last word and Yasmin.

    Really? One of my early criticisms of Destiny was that I couldn't tell any of the weapons apart by sound. Apart from a few uniques all the assault rifles sounded alike. I'd like to see how Battlefield sourced their sounds, one thing they have always done well.

    Last edited 15/03/16 11:12 am

      DICE definitely know how to do gun sounds:

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