Okay, This Ghostbusters Trailer Is Way Better

Since its announcement I've been super keen on the idea of a female Ghostbusters movie. Especially one made by the folks behind Bridesmaids.

Sadly, the first trailer was a bit bland.

Thankfully, this new trailer is way, way better.

First of all. It has jokes. Second of all, it's snappier, a bit more self-aware. This is basically a bit more like the Ghostbusters reboot I was hoping for.

My expectations have been raised by this trailer. That's a good thing. The movie comes out 14 July 2016. Can't wait.


    As a fan of the originals.. I thought an all female GB team looks like a marketing consultant wrote the screen play in order to "strongly connect with the female demographics". Seriously, I thought it would have been better to have a mix of male/female ghost busters, but all female is as much of a gender issue as having an all make cast.. Also, these girls are not that funny..

    Putting the "bridesmaid" formula to this classic genre is just an insult to the late John Landis. Serrels, Did you see the original ?

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    I liked the first trailer. It was honest and informative. It told me the movie was complete shit and warned me to stay away. Can't get much better than that.

    Last edited 10/03/16 6:55 pm

      This comment is a better written joke than anything in those trailers :P

    This looks terrible. Almost nothing in this trailer appeals to me. The music was kinda cool, the rest was garbage. Just by that trailer I wont be seeing it anytime soon, and I was kinda hopeful for this.

    These comments are an embarrassing circle jerk.

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