Seems Like Destiny Is Revitalising The Prison Of Elders

Seems Like Destiny Is Revitalizing The Prison Of Elders

Since September, Destiny's Prison Of Elders has laid dormant and useless, filled with encounters and gear that were rendered obsolete by The Taken King. Next month, that could change. Yesterday, when Bungie announced the release date for Destiny's big autumn update — which is April 12! — they topped it with the above picture. Hardcore fans immediately noticed that those three guardians were wearing Takenified versions of gear from the Prison of Elders, Destiny's cooperative PVE arena. The not-so-subtle hint here is that one of the "New PVE Challenges" listed in Bungie's blog post is a refreshed version of the prison, complete with challenges and gear that will actually be worthwhile for post-Taken King players.

Bungie says they will reveal more about the April update on Twitch streams in the coming weeks. It wouldn't be surprising to see them offer refreshes not just for Prison of Elders but for the other endgame content they have left behind, including the Vault of Glass and Crota's End raids.

This will be the first significant PVE update to hit Destiny since September, so expectations are high, especially after recent months of malaise in the hardcore community. After staying quiet for a while about future plans for the game — likely because they weren't sure what those plans would be — Bungie is now offering more transparency, promising that after this April update there will be an expansion in spring, with a full-sized sequel to follow in 2017.


    People still....?

    Last edited 19/03/16 3:56 pm

      People still make this comment?

        People will always question life's great mysteries until they are answered.

        What Is my purpose, what is the meaning of life, what does the future hold, people still play Destiny?

          The great mystery is why top tier gameplay is seemingly not enough to hold people's attention anymore.

            You mean that gameplay with bugs and atrocious loot drops making it a waste of time?

              Point me to a game that has better gameplay feel than Destiny. The Division's recent release has only highlighted the fact that its gameplay has far less bugs than its competitors and feels so much smoother. The controller disappears when playing Destiny, whereas in the Division input delay and bugs cause more deaths than they should.

              As for the loot drops, when was the last time you played Destiny? I'm assuming it was before Taken King. The loot drops were a problem, but they are more than fixed now. And the loot drops have nothing to do with the way the gameplay feels.

    Nice work Bungie, picking the game's ugliest armour to re-release. Nobody wants The Flying Nun Titan armour. Pls stop.

      Don't forget with Poe weapons we will get shank burn back!!!

      At what point does rehashed old content become new content?

    I'm hoping the PoE armour is an attempt at expectation management, "if we hint at retooled PoE they'll have to be excited about retooled VoG and Scrota". That said I'm still playing destiny and loving it, even while I'm hating when things stagnate after 5months. Still haven't played Halo 5 despite the collectors edition I forked out for... I still need a 320 kings fall helmet!

    Christ I hope it's not just PvE raids...

    Give me more single player campaign stuff...

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