Top-Ranked Street Fighter V Player Smacked Down Hard By Capcom’s Anti Rage-Quit Measures

Top-Ranked Street Fighter V Player Smacked Down Hard By Capcom’s Anti Rage-Quit Measures

Last week Capcom started removing League Points from Street Fighter V players disconnecting from online matches before the game registers a loss. Yesterday the top-ranked player in the world got docked back to the bronze age.

As reported by the fine folks at Event Hubs, Japan’s WORLD_COMBO was one of the first two players in the world to reach Super Platinum rank in the fifth numbered game in the Street Fighter series. Reaching that rank requires earning 10,000 League Points through competitive online matches. Unlike fellow Platinum Ranked player, tournament player TS|Sabin, WORLD_COMBO isn’t a familiar face on the fighting game scene.

Apparent evidence of WORLD_COMBO’s rage-quitting surfaced, and it looks like Capcom has taken action.

Here’s WORLD_COMBO before:

And here’s WORLD_COMBO after:

According to Event Hub’s John “Velociraptor” Guerrero who took the screens, these shots are an hour apart. Over 9000 points gone in an instant, from Platinum to Bronze level in the blink of an eye.

Looks like Capcom is not screwing around. Well played.


  • Ouch… Good to see there’s a proper punishment in place… I’m even seeing people quitting Clash Royale matches as soon as it’s even slightly looking like I’ll beat them. I mean, there’s a penalty for losing in the first place, but there really needs to be a 10-15 minute cooldown/penalty that increases over time if you quit before the game is over.

      • That would have its own problems. If there was a way of identifying the IP of the remote player, just DDS them and you win instantly. Much harder to track down – and much quicker to win, as you can launch the DDS at any time, at the start of the match or even if you are losing.

          • Even if you’re both playing on consoles, the remote player may be able to identify your IP and nuke you. Depends on the protocols used – mainly, whether the actual player-to-player communication is all forced to pass through a server.

            Anyway, it’s a basic when dealing with this sort of issue to assume that the players are evil, opportunistic bastards – because in a large population, some inevitably are. When “fixing” a problem you need to allow for how some players might take advantage of your “fix”.

          • Well good thing I don’t play much (if any) ranked multiplayer for any game any more. Those days are long gone…

            With the amount of people that defend griefing and trolling in games, I should definitely not be surprised by this. I’m just really disappointed.

  • and…. whats the benefit of this? like… legit question. Not a SFV player.

    is it just ego, or does it have something tangible attached.

    does your rank influence who you’re matched with?
    coz that’d be weird. having some world class player who just so happens to be a world class sook matched with a crap player like myself just coz we have similar league points at that time.

    • You get to see the words uber platinum next to your name? Why wouldn’t you sink time into achieving that!?

    • To show their game is “serious competitive business”, I’m guessing. They shoved it out half-finished just so it’d be out in time for one of the big tournaments, keep in mind.

    • Yes, your rank dictates who you fight. I mean, you wouldn’t want to be unranked and then fight against somebody on Super Platinum.

      But yes, it’s also and ego or status kinda thing. If I’m the best player in the world, I don’t want to be seen as on the same level as some guy that’s new to the game.

  • Competitive players would absolutely be serial rage-quitters.

    It makes sense, this happens in all sorts of games. You just know you’re lacking the mojo at the minute/second/time whether it’s a tough boss or just an environmental puzzle. So you punch out and want a ‘fresh’ start.

    Sometimes you are Blanka. Sometimes you aren’t.

    It just happens.

  • I’m surprised no one has done it yet …

    … its over 9000!!!!! or in this case ….. its under 9000!!!!!!

  • Maybe it’s because I’ve got Australian internet, but I’ve got no idea how anyone plays a fast paced, 2D fighter competitively online.
    Of all the games that require split second twitch reflexes you’d think this’d be it.

    It makes me suspect that the game’s far more about mashing in your own offence than reacting to what your opponent is doing.

  • If only blizzard would do this for SC2. Drives me insane when someone rage quits after loosing a single unit or messing up their build order in 3v3.

    • If your opponent quits or disconnects on you in a 1v1 you’ll be granted a win for that match.

      Team games are a different case as the game allows the remaining team members to control the dropped player’s units.

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