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The "magic pixel" is a sliver of health that doesn't even show up in your fighter's health bar, an amount so tiny you would probably measure it in subpixels. It was from that tiniest pip of heath that Zeku player Air fought back, and in a rousing match, took the series while barely alive.


At last night's Next Level Battle Circuit, the mic was somehow unoccupied right before Arturo "Sabin" Sanchez's match against a player who goes by SonicSol, as all the other commentators had seemingly vacated the stream at the same time. Rather than play in silence, Sanchez decided to call his own match.


That guy on the right is Lee "Infiltration" Seon Woo. You might remember him from last year's Evo Street Fighter V tournament,which he won. A veteran of the scene who's been competing since 2010 with Super Street Fighter IV, he's now housing energy drinks in-between matches to help pay the bills.