What Are You Playing This Weekend

My progress on The Witness has been held up by a goddamn stupid puzzle inside the mountain that I'm really struggling with.

I'll get there. Eventually.

But until then, I think I'm gonna be playing Salt & Sanctuary.

Salt & Sanctuary is basically Dark Souls in 2D. Like it's unapologetically a Dark Souls game in 2D. Like bugger it. Let's just copy stuff.

I'm okay with this for some reason.

I'm also gonna play the crap out of it.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Doing some couch gaming tonight at a mate's place, so probably:
    Diablo III
    Magicka 2
    Dead Nation

    Apart from that, I've started Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky SC on my Vita. I got 3 hours in and had to restart because the prologue on Hard difficulty was borderline unfair once I got to one of the end bosses. Normal is a lot easier but still gently challenging on the bosses.

      I remember something similar happening when playing the Trails of Cold Steel prologue on hard difficulty the final boss was so over-tuned they put a seemingly invincible teacher there so basically everyone gets knocked out easily and you slowly whittle the boss down with the teacher =/ felt somewhat counter-intuitive.

      I really should get back to the Trails games, but they're so long & stuff keeps coming out!

        Yeah. Cold Steel is on sale at the moment but I've told myself that I've only just started TitS SC and still have a substantial (J)RPG backlog awaiting my tender ministrations.

          I bought the Cold Steel collector box for vita. Couldn't put it down & burnt out. Went back did a bit more, then digimon came out, then bravely second.

          I bought Tits SC day one, got stuck because I had no idea where it wanted me to go. Eventually remembered to check a guide. They just jlkeep going with the dialogue & backtracking. I like em, but yeah.

    Grim Dawn

      Which Masteries are you picking? (Hint: Nightblade is coolest.)

        I've yet to try nightblade.

        I have a level 50 Battlemage (Arcanist and Soldier), and a level 20 Hardcore Shaman

    The Division. The missus and myself might jam on PS4, otherwise I'll be on PC.

    Something other than that? I might sink my teeth into Black Desert Online, or XCOM 2.

    The Division.

    I love its curves and all its edges,
    All its perfect imperfections.....

    Pokken tournament looks like the game to get me into proper fighting games. It's approachable but still serious.

    Also daredevil.

    Nothing is being played Daredevil is being watched!

    Once that's out of the way I'll play some Division

    Juggling my replay of The Witcher 3 alongside XCOM 2 and Stardew Valley.

      Don't lie to yourself - once you start Stardew it will absorb your whole weekend.

    Been playing Far Cry Primal.

    It's a fun game. No one will remember it exists in three months but it's fun.

      I've been playing Assassin's Creed: Freedom Cry

      It's so forgettable that I honestly had to sit here for 20 seconds to remember what it was *called*.

    A lot of Salt and Sanctuary. It's the Souls game I've been waiting for so I'm really enjoying it. Plus I'm a huge fan of Ska Studios' games. Bravely Second will also fill some of the gaps too.

    I finished Twilight Princess HD so might get back into Rise of the Tombraider.

    Plus Daredevil and the million other shows I'm binge watching right now.

    Probably some Division if my friends are on - not much left to do by myself other than collect phones or brave the DZ by myself... other than that, not sure. Maybe go back and play some Far Cry Primal. Or... sleep. There's a novel idea. Yea, sleep sounds good.

    The Division. Trying to get full yellow equipments.

      I presume you've played most if not all of the 'story'. What did you think?

        The story itself is pretty good. I have not complete the entire side mission and collect all the collectables yet.

        It depends what you are expecting from this game but you can certainly see Destiny's idea in it. The Division have more content than vanilla Destiny at launch and at the moment he PvP is almost non existent due to the rogue penalty being too high.

        Not exactly the type of game to play solo, best to be played with friends. End Game at the moment is kinda meh because it is all about collecting loot and perfecting the stats for your build and doing daily missions.

        Some challenge missions can take up to 3 hours if your team is not that great.

        I've yet to explore fully DarkZone yet as I'm trying to fully gear up before going to high level zones.

    If I get time from Daredevil I'll probably keep on keeping on with Twilight Princess.

    Bingeing Daredevil Season 2!
    If there is time (there won't) I will keep plugging along with Fallout 4. I thought I was done with F4 but I just got my second wind in it and am enjoying it a bit more again now.

    probably more of the division and I'm learning how to knit, so that should be pretty rad

      I hope you'll knit a Tom Baker scarf. It's the only reasonable choice in my opinion.

    Think I'm free of far Cry 4, finished the campaign last weekend and I think I've gotten all the achievements I can be bothered getting I bought the complete edition with all the DLC so there's some extra content I haven't done yet, I heard the Valley of the Yetis expansion was pretty good so there's a slim chance I'll check that out.

    Otherwise, I will try and get cracking on my second playthrough of Until Dawn and/or start the Uncharted Collection.

    Going to be trying out Black Desert Online. Been a while since I played a sandbox'ish MMO.

      Played a few hours of BDO, quite addictive... just that my GTX 670 is showing its age and temp 80+Cs all the time even on 1920x1200.

    The Division hasn't got me hooked, but it's fun enough that it'll probably be my weekend. We'll see on Monday if that's enough for it to sink it's teeth in long term.

    Got a wedding to attend, but this new lung infection means I won't be drinking. So once I make my early leave, I'll probably get back into more Bravely Second. It's looking to be better that Bravely Default at this stage.

    Also, probably fit some Elder Scrolls Online in there somewhere.

      Softy! Anti-biotics (I'm assuming a lung infection gets you a prescrption, right?) just means you become a cheap drunk! :D

    Going to get to my first D&D adventure league at a local store. Otherwise some more Fallout 4. Some of the new Battlefront maps at good fun too.

    Bravely Second, perhaps revisit Trails of Cold Steel also had a itching to play Sims 4 for some reason.

    Brisbane comedy festival tonight, work tomorrow morning, but after that - The division with a sprinkling of Rocket league! Maybe a bit of factorio, although once I start that, can't stop!

    Well, Halo Wars just became backwards compatible... so, after I finish Daredevil season 2, I'll be playing that. Those glorious cutscenes, dropping ODSTs on fools...


      You don't play Cutter for ODSTs, you play Cutter for PT Tanks.

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