What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Okay, it's the Easter long weekend. You are off work. Time to play games and eat chocolate, correct?

What games are you all planning to play?

Me? I'm not too sure.

I will probably be playing multiplayer games with my family. All of my in-laws are still totally into playing Rocket League, so I suspect that's a possibility.

But I really want to finish The Witness, and then do all the other puzzles I haven't finished yet. I also want to play more Salt & Sanctuary. I'm also a little bit curious about EA Sports UFC 2.

Those would be my games, what are you planning to play this weekend?


    GTAV and maybe the division, anything that you can team up with mates in really. Enjoying hitman a whole heap though despite all the hate it's getting for being episodic.

      Public holidays are great for multiplayer 'cause everyone's free. No waiting for friends to finish work or whatever.

    Testing out my new Razer Naga on WoW.

    Hitting up the Dark Zone in The Division.

    Filling out the empty spaces in my living Dex in Pokémon Omega Ruby.

      I'm in love with my Naga. I only use half the buttons and sometimes it freezes for no apparent reason, but I still love it.

        I've found I use the top and bottom rows of buttons. Will probably get used to the middle row in time.

    I'll continue to play Rocket League, whilst switching between Battlefront and FarCry Primal.

    Family time. Probably Kinect & LEGO games.

    Prob the Division and Rocket League, maybe some Payday2 ang GTA Online.

    The missus will be playing Stardew Valley and Darkest Dungeon. No doubt.

    Might get around to finishing off Fallout 4 this weekend, although it's grown quite tedious to me of late. I'm not interested in the DLC at all. I'll keep playing through Banjo Tooie on the 360, and Twilight Princess HD probably.

    Might need to jump back in to Xenoblade Chronicals X if I can tear myself away from robot building in Fallout.

    Most likely the division, if I get bored of that might fire up civ 5 and have that going all easter

      One more turnn I did this and lost 12 hours hahaha

    I'm taking pokken online. Despite owning fighting games for 20 years, this is the first I'm trying ranked on. :p

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    I might start Fallout 4 finally, I don't want to wait for more mods.
    Slog through The Division and suffer through some more Arkham Knight. All on PC.

    I'll be away from the PS4 so that rules The Division out. Probably gonna play Digimon Cyber Sleuth. Still waiting on a UFC 2 review

    DARK SOULS! because it's now backwards compatible

      Yep I've been on this since Thursday night and being in the forest hunters covenant you now can't go 10 seconds without being summoned!!!

    Probably Pokken Tournament and Resident Evil 4 on the Wii U.

    I can't believe how addictive Rocket League still is. I will probably play some Rise of the Tomb Raider as well.

    A bit of Hitman, a bit of Twilight Princess, a bit of The Witness if I can, and a whole lot of Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

      Jealous! Who are you seeing?

        Saw Andrew McLelland last night (very good), and am going to see Lawrence Leung tonight, and something random which I shall pick when I get there. Got tickets for Celia Pacquola for next week as well. Also I have heard Gillian Cosgriff's show is excellent so I'll squeeze that in, and Hannah Gadsby as well if time permits.

    Smite on PS4 finally got Australian servers. The Founders pack is also half off, so I'm touching up on that a bit more. Problem is that there's not enough Australian players.

    Because of some idiot with a transient mind I've started Salt and Sanctuary. Which is really good, even if it's just a 2D Dark Souls. Only problem I've encountered is that it's really unclear when you can roll past enemies and bosses. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.
    Also a bit annoyed that there's no real indication of a boss fight coming up. You just walk into one and have to deal with it.

    Also started single player for Dead Space 3 and man, everything that was said about this game is completely true. It's solely designed for co-op and microtransactions. I played for about 4 hours before I finally had enough resources to upgrade something (small), they really want to nickle and dime you.
    It's also obviously designed for co-op because the enemies are much faster and aggressive. Previously they would only run if you shot them in the head, now it's every single enemy. Because of that you need a second gun to take them out, or to watch your back for the enemy that always spawns in behind you in every encounter.

    The inventory system might as well not exist. Now instead of finding a new item and thinking about whether I should grab it or not, I'm just mashing A on every single item I come across. I don't need to know what it is, if it's a resource, good, if it's ammo, also fine because since it's universal I don't need to think about whether I need it or not.

      On the topic of boss arenas in S&S, look for the candlestick with ten candles on it, that will tell you when you are about to enter a boss arena. Sometimes they will have lit candles and other times they won't (It's some kind of aggregate difficulty meter based on player deaths) so you may not always immediately notice them. Some boss arenas can be entered from the "back" and don't have have the candlestick there so it can be a surprise at times.

      With dodging, it's just learning the timing. The collision is a little janky at times and there seems to be a moment before the roll starts but most attacks and all enemies have a window in which you can roll past them safely. Just watch for the attacks that have an AOE as you might become vulnerable again while still in the hurtbox of part of it and make sure you always roll into, not with the attack. A surprisingly large number of melee and ranged attacks can be parried too if you are good at it.

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    I'm working at getting platinum for Salt and Sanctuary (Only have a couple of NPCs and an ending to go!) and doing some of the challenge modes before most likely resuming Witch and the Hundred Knight Revival Edition. I was thinking about playing some Slain! too but the reviews have been somewhat negative about the controls and gameplay. Other than that, Bravely Second.

    Dark Souls Backwards compatible Xbox One. Does not like Multiplayer action. Been kicked out to xbox one home screen several times after being summoned.

      I've found if someone is using the 360 at the same time as I'm playing a BC game then you get kicked out - like it can't handle you being signed in to two 360s at once

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