XCOM 2's DLC Goes Full Borderlands

XCOM 2's DLC Goes Full Borderlands

Given the tone of the game, when I played through XCOM 2 I customised my soldiers with "grim realism" in mind. Those who prefer to get a little silly with their cannon fodder, though, might enjoy the game's new Anarchy's Children DLC, which introduces new customisation options for your troops. As you might have guessed by the name, this is not for lovers of "grim realism". Instead, it's more like something you'd find on the cover of a Borderlands game, all post-apocalyptic wacky spikes and helmets and leather pants.

Some of this stuff, like the new facepaint, encroaches on territory already well covered by mods; I played my original campaign with getups like this, for example:

XCOM 2's DLC Goes Full Borderlands

Other more extensive wardrobe changes introduced in Anarchy's Children, though, are pretty neat. Like shorts! Some are sexy, but some are downright practical.

XCOM 2's DLC Goes Full Borderlands

From L-R: Ripley, Harley Quinn, Robert Muldoon

And just so you know, the "shirtless and tiny shorts" look is also in effect for the fellas as well:

XCOM 2's DLC Goes Full Borderlands

Alongside this cosmetic DLC was also an update that promised an improvement from the game's crummy performance issues at launch. We'll kick its tyres to see how that goes and get back to you.


    I haven't actually seen it in-game yet, but going by all the screenshots it's a little too Saints Row for my tastes. Not saying Saints Row is bad, actually I love it...but there's a time and a place, and X-Com doesn't really suit it.

    Still, I guess more options for people who want that kind of thing are now available, and that's nice for them.

    this has nothing to do with it that ONE thing and it was a skin, dont drag borderlands name in the mud.

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