Anyone Who Pirates Quantum Break Is In For A Surprise

Anyone Who Pirates Quantum Break Is In For A Surprise

Looks like the new time-bending shooter has a moral code: an eye for an eye. As spotted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Remedy Entertainment has hidden a joke within Quantum Break meant exclusively for pirates. If Quantum Break detects that players have stolen their copy of the game, it will outfit the main character, Jack Joyce, with the eyepatch you see above. Pretty funny!

Perhaps this seems familiar to you. Back when Remedy released Alan Wake, they pulled a similar stunt:

The new eyepatch is next-gen, of course.

Remedy even has a segment addressing the eyepatch in their official FAQ:

Jack looks like a pirate.

DRM might’ve accidentally triggered. Make sure you’ve logged into your Microsoft account before starting the game (thanks NeoGAF!).

What this means, in effect, is that players can don the eyepatch without having to pirate the game. You know, if you’re curious about it.


  • That’s brilliant. This is how to be “anti-piracy” but still maintain good PR. Village Roadshow take note 😉

    • I was watching a ripped version of this art film that a friend wouldn’t shut up about to me, and everyone was replaced with John malkovich.

      I can only assume I was being trolled by drm.

      • I’d pirate that movie JUST so I could watch the shit out of that version. Then pay the creator because it’s brilliant.

        • OK, so I’m just going to spoil the joke here, but Being John Malkovic is a real and excellent film, not sure if you’re playing along or actually haven’t watched it, but it’s a pretty great film from any angle (comedy, arthouse and even drama fans will all likely get something out of it).

          • Haha oh no, I know – I’ve seen the the film. It’s really very good, and I’m not normally a Jonze fan. cubits’ comment was even better.

            Though seriously, I would pirate the shit out of a game where the DRM was Malkovich-ing everything.

            Also, 10/10 username.

          • I am a fan of Jonze’s work, but that film to me feels like more of a Charlie Kaufman project, very much like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind which also manages to slip in some deeper and more abstract ideas into a film that remains very accessible for most audiences.

            Got to agree with you on the DRM Malkovich thing, I would join you in pirating anything with that anti-piracy policy.

      • Jesus christ what is this film?

        I actually thought it was a Malkovich version of a movie for pirates. I’ll just have to go back to watching the actual movie now.

  • I like how they’ve enabled the ability to disable copyrighted music to encourage streamers/YouTubers, but anyone who tries to stream a pirated copy will publically out themselves.

  • funny thing is there is apprently no crack for it yet thus it cant be pirated and you get the eye patch the moment you loose connection to the windows store even if you brought it legaly from the windows store which is also the they only way you can currently by it because its exclusive to to store being a UWA.

    • I hope it comes to other platforms other than the windows store. I remember them talking about the windows store being to give consumers more choice but I don’t see how its much of a choice when its only sold on one store.

  • As hilarious as this is…
    You know who’s going to get a bigger suprise? Anyone who buys this on PC expecting a quality port.
    Apparently it’s a real POS.

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