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I'm a little busy with Dark Souls III at the moment, but Quantum Break has always intrigued me. Partially because I never quite understood what it was!

Now that it's out in the wild Quantum Break has become a bit more um... quantifiable, but it's always struck me as a difficult pitch. It's tough to explain the appeal of Quantum Break in a sentence or two. I feel as though that might hurt any potential success the game might have.

How are you guys and girls enjoying the game so far?

Here's what I'm hearing: Quantum Break's hook (the whole real life drama show combined with gameplay situation) is actually very well executed. The game itself is a very well polished affair, if a bit generic.

The 'TV' sections? I'm hearing they're a step above what you might expect, but hardly troubling any high budget science fiction show you might watch on Netflix.

Which is the issue I always thought I'd have with Quantum Break. A game like this — in order to be a true success — would have to knock both out of the park. It would have to be a great game and a great television show. That's a tall order for any studio.

Props to Remedy for taking the risk though. I expect I'll give this a go at some point down the track.

How are you all finding it?


    I love it. The game is polished, the story and gameplay are very well thought out and original (even for a time travel related plot). I also don't agree that the Netflix bits are not Netflix grade, they easily are. I'm up to episode four and I have to say it's easily my favourite story based game this year so far.

    I finished the game on the weekend. I think its good not great. I'll play through the other set of binary choices if Microsoft ever get around to sending me my PC code! :p

    The Alan Wake easter eggs are heartbreaking. Remedy know exactly what they are doing with that franchise and no new game in sight :(

    In love with it. apart from not having enough time to finish yet (upto Act 5). Visually impressive, tight and unique gameplay, awesome tv show tie in, great acting...and of course the amazing and brilliant Time Knife screenplay hidden in the game collectibles. It's amazing.

      I'm so glad I read the entire screenplay, that was hilariously unexpected.

    Alan Wake was one of my favourite games of the last gen, so I was hyped for this. Bitterly disappointed. I mean, its an ok game, but everything about it is just so generic.

    The story was so exposition laden it felt like a CBS or Syfy show. Right down the, dark haired, grizzled, no sense of humour leads.

    I think I have been spoiled by some great story focused games lately, like Everybody's gone to the Rapture or Firewatch, that having this slight everyman, suddenly murdering a bunch of guards with no hesitation, no remorse and no acknowledgement, that like Nathan Drake, you have to wonder if you are even a good guy anymore.

    I got up to the first TV show where some dude had to explain to his upset girlfriend about his double life, and I realised this show probably wouldn't even pass the bechdel test and that I am sure the capable girl we met earlier, will no doubt need to be rescued or just sidelined later in the game that I just stopped playing.

    I will pick it up again at some stage, but it is just too bland for me at this stge.

    Really enjoying it. The pacing is well done, the story is relatively interesting, the core shooting gameplay is very fun with the time powers, the TV sections are decent.

    I really enjoyed the game. As with other remedy games, the gameplay was extremely polished. For me, the cover system was something of a minor revolution for 3rd person shooters. Not being stuck to cover felt more natural and fluid, and allows you to manoeuvre during firefights with speed and accuracy. I also thoroughly enjoyed the main story. I was hooked, and stayed up late to finish off the last 2 chapters.

    The tv show was okay. Its quality for me was around the same as Agents of Shield or Arrow. The action was nowhere near the quality of something like Daredevil.

    The biggest problem I had with the show was that it had very little to do with the main characters and story. Sure it plays in to the finale in a small way, but the Joyce brothers show up twice in the show, and even then it is only Jack. I would have preferred an extra chapter or two of the main game. The character models are phenomenal, so the need for live action is debatable. I believe the focus on minor characters was to reduce the budget. Not only for actor fees, but also for CGI costs. There isnt any action in the show involving the time powers used in the main game, which would look incredible in live action with the right budget. Alternatively, I could have easily spent an extra couple of chapters with more time travel and its consequences, or a different type of tv show.


    A much better show (again my opinion) would have been to follow Paul Serene and Beth Wilder in the past as they tried to prevent the time fracture and other major events (e.g. 9/11 and personal character events). This wouldnt be essential to the main story, but would provide essential character development and motivation for the main villian and the female lead in the game, something that could be argued is a shortcoming of the main story.

    I really like it. The story is intriguing, but that might be because I'm a sucker for time-based themes. There's plenty of depth and backstory if you choose to go after it. I can see why some reviews have been critical of the huge amount of information dumped across the game, but I like it because it gives more depth to the story, the characters and events (edit: it also helps if you're interested in the overall story). It's definitely my favourite story-driven game of the year so far. Put me down for the sequel.

    The special powers are cool. It doesn't take long before you're chaining powers. It flows smoothly and feels really satisfying when executed. Gunplay is solid for a third person shooter, but it really shines when used in conjunction with the powers.

    The four Netflix-style episodes are very well executed too. Speaking of Netflix, I'd actually watch a tv show of Quantum Break. All the ingredients for it are there.

    I'm impressed with how Remedy managed to make this game run smoothly on the Xbox One with all the special effects. They had to drop the resolution down to 720p but it still looks really good.

    Last edited 11/04/16 4:04 pm

      As Im playing, I would have no idea it's a 720p game. It's easily one of the best looking console games out at the moment. Those effects!

    What's the thoughts about the PC version? how is the whole streaming experience? does UWP suck as much as it has been documented?

    I'm enjoying it, only just finished watching episode one and thought it was really well done. The shooting is satisfying and it looks amazing at times, so much going on. No qualms in recommending it at all.

    Really enjoying it, everything highly polished and well executed, can't understand the hate floating around for this game. The TV show is pretty good imo, gels well with the game.

    I found it pretty average maybe because I skipped the tv episodes. The story appears to be a mix of ' lame and seen this before' category. Slow mo effects are fun, unique and interesting. However, I badly wanted protagonist to dive around corridors in slow mo and shoot bullets which it didn't. Maybe its my nostalgia for MP series but I would certainly say that its good but not so great that it cannot wait for price drop.

    Its awesome. The game, the graphics, the story, the mechanics, tv series and all just awesome. Reviews say it all this game has great reviews all around the world.

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