Dick Smith Is Still Selling This PS1 Link Cable

Dick Smith Is Still Selling This PS1 Link Cable

Dick Smith is in the process of closing all of it’s stores. Which is, in its own way, a very sad thing.

But then you see images like this…

This popped up on the Perth subreddit, a photograph taken in the CBD. A link cable, for the original PlayStation.


Was it there all that time? Hidden beneath other, newer cables? Is it just the last thing available post the Dick Smith firesale? Is it old stock brought out for a laugh by some rogue staffer? It’s difficult to say.

According to this Reddit commenter this was old stock that Dick Smith acquired when it took over a David Jones electronics department.

Either way it’s insane to see something like this in-store.

It belongs in a museum.

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  • As an ex DSE employee, I can attest that during my time up until 2003, I worked in shops that were finding stock in unopened boxes from as far back as 1997. This does not surprise me one bit.

    • Wait, as in those stores were receiving shipments of stock in 1997 they just never opened? As someone who currently works in games retail that boggles my mind!

      • Sometimes there were just sort of dark recesses of the stock rooms where a box would get pushed back and back, then get forgotten. Sounds absurd, but it actually did happen. Sometimes you’d open it and it’d just be a box of hooks, sometimes it’d be a box with bags of LED’s or capacitors. I can’t say I ever found anything major in them, usually just crappy minor stock.

      • You’d be surprised, that kind of thing happens all the time. I work for the IT department of a major retailer and we get calls like that pretty often. Of course, there’s absolutely nothing the IT department can do about it but it’s still interesting.

  • wait,



  • The administrators (FH), are the same mob that ‘administered’ the sale of our business a few years back. They would legit sell your Grandmother if they could find a semi-legal way of doing so. This photo does not surprise me one bit… they will suck every last cent out of this carcass.

  • I worked in the DJs store that stock came from, and I can tell you that was nothing. When I started working there in 2013, I found an original GBA with the e-Reader accessory bundle, a GBA SP and a goddamn Gameboy COLOR. (Pokemon Gold and Silver special edition) It was like a Nintendo museum in our stock room.

    Also, blank VHS tapes.

    • I dropped in to one of my nearby DJs back around that time when they were clearing out their gaming stuff. The e-reader that seemed to have been there forever had finally disappeared, but in their tubs were a whole bunch of GBA games as well as some GBC Harry Potter games iirc. Most amazingly though, they had DJ Hero. The Renegade Edition. For Wii.

      I never would have thought such a thing even existed. I can’t tell you how tempting it was to drop the $60 they were asking for it just for sheer absurdity alone. But that was way too much imo 😛

  • That price tag (even the discounted one) is all you need to know about why they’re going out of business.

  • the JB Hi-Fi near me still has a copy of Tabula Rasa sitting in their PC game section

  • Let’s be honest here guys, Perth is so far behind they probably only just got the Playstation. There are no such things as hipsters in Perth, they are just still living in the 50s.

  • As a current employee of dick smith I can say this sort of old stock is surprisingly common. We actually have a competition among the remaining staff of our store to see who can sell the 17″ CRT TV we found out the back for $50.

      • Amusing story update, one of the other staff members put the CRT in the window on display and sold it half an hour later for $30.


  • This is the second time you could buy these PS1 link cables in Perth. They were being cleared by David Jones for $5 (the red DJ clearance sticker) this was before DSE took over DJ’s entertainment dept.

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