Dragon Age's Executive Producer Is Teasing A New Project On Twitter

Bioware's Mark Darrah has posted a short video to Twitter, teasing what looks like a concept book or game bible for one of Bioware's franchises. The video shows the front cover of the book, featuring a logo that consists of a tower and a flame with a wolf's head motif. Inside, it shows a page reading "Internal Use Only" and "Property of BioWare/EA," leading to speculation that the video is teasing a new Dragon Age project.

We know of a few projects in development from Bioware's team — there's the mysterious new IP that David Gaider was working on before his departure from the company, as well as Mass Effect Andromeda, though it's unlikely that the distinctly fantasy-esque logo in the video is a reference to the next instalment Bioware's massively popular sci-fi game. However, aside from Bioware's new IP, Mark Darrah also teased this question about a Dragon Age tactics game earlier in the year:

While it definitely could still refer to the new IP, it's more likely that Darrah's video concerns a new instalment in the Dragon Age franchise. The wolf's head in the flames also ties in thematically with some of the events of Dragon Age Inquisition and its final DLC, Trespasser.

What do you think the new project could be? Let us know in the comments! [Twinfinite]


    Given that logo, it's probably going to be an extreme chess game in which you have to castle. While being chased by wolves. That are on fire.

    The next Dragon Age game (not the tacticle one) and it's out next month! #wishfulthinking

    That's a very nicely bound book for something presumably filled with production ideas, plot synopses and concept art.

    I'd be happy with a Volume III of World of Thedas, but a new Dragon Age on the horizon? Oh yes please!

    A chess piece with Yu-Gi-Oh hair. Sounds fun

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