Five Nights at Freddy’s. It Never Ends

Five Nights at Freddy’s. It Never Ends

Briefly: Apparently evil is a franchise opportunity. Five Nights at Freddy’s creator Scott Cawthon teases a FNAF spinoff called Sister Location on his website. Or maybe it’s a game about finding your sister. There she is.


  • Awwwwwww yissssssss.

    Hell keep em coming. I don’t get the hate for them. Small bite size games with fun jumpscare gameplay for 10 bucks each (even 2 – 3 bucks on steamsales) which contain fantastic lore.

    Sure his RPG sucks balls, but Cawthorn created a good series with FNAF for people who like evolving stories to follow. I’m in, my kid and I love em. I mean hell, it’s not like theyre 99 dollar games or anything.

    • Sure his RPG sucks balls, but Cawthorn created a good series with FNAF for people who like evolving stories to follow.

      That’s for sure, count me as one. But truth be told I’m also one of the many that haven’t played the games (for various reasons).

      • Absolutely. I don’t knock a person who tries something different, fails and returns to their roots, knowing what they do best. He knows what works and you can’t fault the guy for it.

        • Not to be mean to Cawthon but maybe he was getting over confident and the FNAF World game had to happen to realign him.

          Not to digress to too far, but MattPat’s latest theories do have me wondering what if FNAF was both a set of event and a dream.

          It might bring all the oddities into logical sense. If I may, here’s what I think.

          First, there was one accident and zero murders. Strange I know but hear me out.

          Now I think of all the games, only FNAF2 happened. What we see is Fitzgerald getting the spooks from guarding a decrepit venue that has been shut down since the bit in 1987 that same summer. The place is closed but still guarded and monitored (businesses do this to most likely avoid further insurance liabilities.

          As for the other games. Yes they are a dream; one that gets worse and culminates when the victim of 1987 does die. No offence meant to MattPat but the mention of the call saying ‘it’s amazing how the human body can survive without the frontal lobe’ is just a hope of a dying child.

          Now FNAF one, is the early stages. FNAF three is where the nightmare worsens. Springtrap is the only one because the (dying) child thinks he/she, we never got a gender, has survived and the first suits ‘buddy’ is now having a turn. And the reason for the head in Springtrap? The victims saw something being put into just a regular suit and things this poor person has suffered and same fate as the victim.

          Now for FNAF4. Some say that as you die, your memory starts to play up before your body gives out. Often going backwards to the moment of one’s birth.

          I think the backwards phone recording hidden in the game hints at this. Also if you go to the various FNAF wikis and look at images of Nightmare he at first seems solid. But when the image is brightened up the body is mostly transparent.

          If you look at where the hat is though, something like the frontal lobe is present.

          Regardless, I think the chronology of the lore starts with the events actually taking place but the rest is the fevered dreams of a child who heard a lot of things he/she never understood but started to come together as a response to significant trauma.

          And yes, this conflicts with the ending as well with the child crying but I think there is an explanation there too.

          What we are seeing is just childhood innocence at play in the victim draws his/her final breath (even with Markiplier’s videos one can hear the flatline).

          Childhood innocence often implies those who do wrong will eventually see the error they have done, say sorry and try to make up for the wrong down. Hence the phrase ‘I will put you back together’, before the child dies.

          Anyhow, sorry for the rather long post and most likely is full of holes but for some reason I think Scott bating the community about the events of FNAF being a dream may explain and port the events in order.

          All dreams have to start somewhere. Maybe he was cheekily pointing out Chica’s beak to hint at at one point the games were based on some events and the rest is in the mind of the victim.

          Anyhow, I had better wrap this up. Technically this belongs in the TAY thread so I apologise in advance.

          • There’s a TAY thread for this???

            And did they ever figure out what was in that box???

            Sounds like a solid theory btw. Cawthorne did say once he’d eventually release the official ‘solution’ to the lore, but for some reason I doubt he ever will lol

          • Sorry, wrong but the nature of TAY makes is hard to use either forum or thread because it’s neither.

            To correct, my post and any further discussion belongs in TAY. Sorry about the mistake.

            In terms of the box, Cawthon did say that the box was to contain the pieces that fit all together to explain the lore but decided not to open it when (according to him) nobody found the obvious pieces in the final main game.

            Sounds like a solid theory btw.

            Yeap, just a theory. A game theory! 😛

  • Apparently evil is a franchise opportunity.

    That, or Cawthon loves screwing with Matthew Patrick.

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