Looks like no-one managed to guess yesterday's scribble. Thankfully Dr_Neeson has done a grand total of four drawings for this one game — just in case.

Here's yesterday's effort for reference.

Good luck everyone!


    4 drawings each progressively worse each day!

      Was going to point out how rude that is, then realised you drew them XD

    I'm getting SUCH a Bomberman vibe, but there's approximately a bajillion plus or minus a million versions of these...

      Yeah Bomberman is the first thing that comes to my mind too. No idea which one though ;)

    Knights, Into Dreams?

    Ghoul Panic?

    Last edited 05/04/16 12:49 pm

    Ah, wish I'd seen this yesterday. Is it DynaBlaster (a.k.a Bomberman), I think remember this from a PC port and an arcade machine version. I believe some console ports too (I only had a PC growing up at the time and the Sega stuff later so not 100% sure on what was on what and when)

    Concept frames for majora's mask. angry moon? check. ticking clock? check.

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