Hi Nic. I have one question.

How? How is this possible? How did you guess yesterday's ScribbleTaku?


First off, the game was Virtual Bart, a Simpsons game that no-one should remember. Ever.

Secondly this is the image I used to do my drawing.

Here is my drawing.

Dear lord. Nic is a wizard of some kind. A wizard who specialises in recognising shitty SNES games.

OK, on to the next one. Today's ScribbleTaku is by Dr Neeson. He's sent me five drawings in advance. I say that's optimistic but good for him.

Have a good one ladies and gentleman.


    Thrasher Skate and Destroy

    Edit: typo

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    Ha, for some reason yesterday's made me think of Simpsons Road Rage. Close enough :P

    Dang it I knew the texture looked familiar. Congrats Nic.

    Todays looks like Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 to me

      Probably off by a long shot but it does have that skate board type vibe doesn't it?

    Midnight Resistance

    Sonic 2

    EDIT: Actually, looks more like Spring Yard or Scrap Brain Zone from Sonic 1

    Last edited 12/04/16 12:30 pm

      Sonic 2 - Mega Drive
      Looks like it could be either a background texture for oil ocean or chemical plant
      This was supposed to be a new post not a reply but my net is being shitty with my downloading DS3 in the background

      Last edited 12/04/16 2:17 pm

    Reminds me of Metal Gear 2

    Haha. I'm not sure why I instantly thought of that game when I saw your sketch yesterday. Maybe it's because I invested many, many frustrating hours playing it on the SNES back in the day (that and Bart's Nightmare).

    Last edited 12/04/16 12:53 pm

      Good man, I also played it and when you said it was Mt Splashmore, I had a good chuckle remembering exactly that level XD Good man!

    Metal Gear Solid, the stairs just behind the helipad near the beginning

    Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight

    Reminds me of the TMNT level on NES where you cheap shot Rocksteady with Donatello from the top of the boxes with his bo ^^

    I'm gonna go with E-Swat Cyber Police. Possibly Amiga version?

    I'm gonna go with E-Swat Cyber Police. Possibly Amiga version?

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