Dr Neeson may well be the king of Scribbles. We're onto day three on his latest effort.

Can you weave through his web of mystery?

Here are the previous drawings for reference...

Good luck!


    Front Mission?

      It's making me think of Front Mission: Gun Hazard but that didn't have AP...

    Looks a little like metal gear on the Gameboy.

    Last edited 14/04/16 12:22 pm

    That is totally Final Fantasy Tactics

    Does it really count as a drawing if he just writes some numbers down?

    Also, is it Fallout 4?

      Don't hate him cos you aint him...

        Not hating just seems a bit lazy... :P

          lazy... LAZY. I'll show you lazy! Every scibble is from the one screenshot. Kinda like a puzzle!

      If it's an accurate representation of the Health and AP as displayed in the game, then yes.

    Only game with an AP meter that springs to mind is Fallout :/

    Last edited 14/04/16 1:47 pm

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