Short Film Tells A Touching Story About A Father And Son's Relationship With Video Games

Short Film Tells a Touching Story About a Father and Son's Relationship with Video Games

Video: People leave memories in the most unexpected ways. And when you run into them, you want to hold onto them forever. Here's a sad but touching short film about a son re-discovering the Xbox he shared with his late father and the racing game that still holds his father's time trial ghost. Anyone who has experienced loss can relate. The most improbable thing is that this short film is based off a YouTube comment. Player Two was directed by John Wikstrom.


    I remember reading that original post on Reddit. Beautiful story.

    I see were just going through old stories and posting them again...

      except this video was posted to Vimeo 1 week ago. So if 1 week is old, then uh, sure?

        In internet time that's already ancient history. The only way you can be current on the internet is to post about things before they even happen, although "The Cool Kids" will still probably think you're an old fogey who hasn't "got with the times".

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