This Week In Games: Quantum Break And A Buttload Of VR Games

Hi, I'm Steam. Nice to meet you. This week I will be selling you approximately 1 million garbage VR games you'll never play.

Oh, and Quantum Break is out this week. You forgot about that one, didn't you!

A Legend Of Luca (PC)

What is it? It’s a VR rogue-like in the first-person with Zelda elements. Should you care? Well, you’ll need a Rift or a Vive. You probably don’t have either.

Binaries (PC)

What is it? It's a puzzle platformer where you control to objects at once. Looks interesting. Should you care? Sure, I think it's worth a gander.

Cloudlands : VR Minigolf (PC)

What is it? The clue is in the title. Should you care? This looks fantastic. I'm so down for this.

Dirt Rally (Xbox One/PS4)

What is it? It’s the new Dirt game. That series is good. Should you care? Probably, especially if you like racing games. The Dirt series has been hitting at a high level for years now.

Enter the Gungeon (PC)

What is it? It's a bullet-hell dungeon-crawler. Wow, this looks fantastic. Should you care? Man, at least click on the steam link to check this out. Looks amazing.

Gunjack (PC)

What is it? It's an arcade shooter experience set in the Eve Online universe. Should you care? It looks goddamn fantastic. I couldn't take this shit in VR.

Mario & Sonic At The Rio 2016 Olympic Games (3DS)

What is it? Damn, it’s an Olympic year? Guess that means we have to get one of these again. Should you care? Yeah, probably not.

Project Starship (PC)

What is it? A bullet hell top down shooter. Looks good. Should you care? It has a really sweet aesthetic. I have a soft spot for this genre.

Ruckus Ridge VR Party (PC)

What is it? It's a VR party game. Seriously. Should you care? I feel like this is the wrong time for a game like this. It looks fun though.

Quantum Break (Xbox One)

What is it? It’s the next big hope for Microsoft and the Xbox One. A game that mixes live action with gameplay and whatnot. Should you care? It’s pretty unique, but the core of it seems a little stale. Give it a bash.

Unseen Diplomacy (PC)

What is it? It's a VR game about being a spy. Should you care? This actually looks incredible. I'm keen for this. My Oculus Rift needs to hurry its ass up.

Did we miss anything? We always miss something. Let us know angrily in the comments below.


    When do I see a code for Quantum Break for PC?? I have paid for and downloaded it on XB1. I am thinking it is a code because I have not received the Alan Wake stuff yet either.

      From the website:

      After you pre-order a digital copy of “Quantum Break” for Xbox One through the Xbox Store, you will receive a system message over Xbox Live that includes a 5x5 redemption code for the Windows 10 version of the game. Codes will be issued shortly after launch.

      So looks like you have to wait until after the game is out.

      Last edited 04/04/16 1:27 pm

      EDIT: already answered

      Last edited 04/04/16 1:28 pm

    And you thought you opinion of Unity as an engine couldn't get any lower!

    Also out this week:
    Skullgirls: 2nd Encore (Vita)
    Stikbold! (PS4)
    Nitro+ Blasters (PS4)
    Battleborn beta (PS4)
    Enter The Gungeon (PS4)

    Last edited 04/04/16 7:35 pm

    I have all 121GB preloaded of Quantum Break..... that took a while on my peasant internet :p

    It shall be fun to run through a new Remedy Game again :D

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